Bethel Theater Named, Set to Open July 4th

by Charles Enoch on May 16, 2014

kip pic

Suurvik Cinema is set to open, along with Swanson’s store, in the 18-million dollar Kipusvik Building in Bethel on July 4th. – Courtesy of Bethel Native Corporation

The aptly named Kipusvik [gee-BUZ-vick] mall is set to open in a little more than a month.

Kipusvik is a Yup’ik word meaning “a place to purchase”. Bethel Native Corporation President and CEO Ana Hoffman explains the name of the movie theater.


Ana Hoffman, CEO President of the Bethel Native Corporation – Courtesy of Bethel Native Corporation

“The board of Directors decided to name the movie theater ‘Suurvik’ Cinema. ‘Suurvik’ in Yupik is the word for show hall,” Hoffman said.

The two-screen movie theater will be run by BNC while the two-story mall will be leased by OMNI Enterprises and hold Swanson’s store.

BNC recently held a job fair.

“BNC lobby was pretty full with prospective employees here filling out applications both at BNC and OMNI Swansons,” Hoffman said.

Applications are still being accepted at the main Swansons store and at the BNC building. The building, which will house the movie theater and store, will cost BNC 18 million dollars and is part of a local investment strategy.  BNC officials say its on schedule to open for 4th of July weekend.

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