3.9 earthquake strikes near Aniak

by Ben Matheson on March 7, 2014

A magnitude 3.9 earthquake struck near Aniak and woke up residents early in the morning Thursday. The quake hit at 451 a.m. and was centered about 6 miles west of Aniak at a depth of about 30 miles.

Natasha Rupert is a Seismologist with the Alaska Earthquake Information Center. She says due to the lack of nearby sensors, the believe it struck 30 miles deep, but that’s give or take 10 miles. The nearest sensor is in the interior in Sparrevohn, about 150 miles away. That’s part of the tsunami early warning system.

Josephine Morgan of Aniak was woken up and said the quake shook the whole house for about five seconds. Her sister, Tonya Morgan said a picture fell down off the wall.

Rupert said a 3.9 would have noticeable aftershocks, but they may be too small to observe on stations. Neither Tonya nor Josephine had felt any aftershocks.

Rupert says the area is near the Iditarod Nixon Fork fault. That’s an area that has shown seismic activity in the past.

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