6-year-old child struck by car in Bethel

by Ben Matheson on December 5, 2013

A six-year-old girl was struck by a car early this morning in Bethel. The accident took place near 122 Ptarmigan. 3 EMTs and an ambulance responded. Bill Howell is captain for the Bethel fire department. He says the child was conscious and crying.

“[The child] had minor injuries resulting from contact with a moving vehicle. It was a low speed impact. The driver was rendering assistance to the child,” said Howell.

The child and mother were transported to the hospital this morning. Howell reminds drivers that the road can be very slippery.

“This sounds like a situation where the driver was going slowly. It was icy out, so when they saw the child, they weren’t able to stop as quickly as they needed to avoid the child,” said Howell.

The child reportedly did not have any reflective material on her clothing. Howell says pedestrians should take steps to make sure they’re seen.

“I know that a lot of parents do provide headlamps to the kids when they’re walking in the mornings and afternoons, just something bright with illumination, and some reflective clothing,” said Howell.

City manager Lee Foley says that crews visited the incident site Thursday and after a review decided to add 3 additional streetlights on that side of the road. The LED lights will be the 120 model, those are the brightest type the city uses.

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