8th grader leads largest rural student body in the State

by Sophie Evan on February 6, 2013

LKSD SGA President James Heakin photo courtesy of LKSD

A Lower Kuskokwim, District wide, student government organization is being re-instituted, and now the effort is being led by a 14 year old village student. James Heakin is an 8th grader from Eek and he’s distinguished himself among four thousand students to become the President of the newly formed L-K-S-D Student Government Alliance.

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Heakin didn’t set out to become President of LKSD’s student body, but at the urging of his school’s advisor, Connie Tracy, he signed up for the task. It was at a recent district wide leadership conference where 12 schools were represented. Connie Tracy.

Tracy cut 1 “James was really into what was going on, and he was giving great suggestions and listening very intently, very involved.” :10

Heakin also serves as the Vice-President of the Eek School where he wants to make positive changes.

James cut 1 “there’s been multiple drop outs and just kids not being a part of school and I wanted to change that, to have kids think that school is fun and important.” :
James cut 4 “I want them to be better at attendance, I want them to be in school everyday, and also enjoy school every day.”
The L-K-S-D Student Government wasn’t active for 8 years. So the newly formed Student Council had to start from scratch.

James cut 2 “ lots of work these past weeks, we had to build a constitution and by-laws.” :

President Heakin has a plan to find out what his fellow students are thinking.

James cut 3 “to create a district wide survey to ask kids what would make our district a better place to learn.” :

The LKSD Student Government Alliance will meet every month via video-conferencing. Again, Connie Tracy,

Tracy cut 2 “He’s got a lot of leadership qualities which make him a great president for this program.” :07
Tracy cut 4 “he’s a make it happen kind of kid.”

The other LKSD student officers are Vice-President Oscar Nicholas of Akula, Secretary Frankie Pavilla of Atmautluak, and Treasurer Arianna Willard of B-R-H-S.

With help from Mark Arehart, I’m Sophie Evan for KYUK news.

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