Break-in At GCI Facility Causes Service Issues

Jun 7, 2017
Dean Swope / KYUK

On Sunday, some Bethel-area GCI customers may have experienced service issues due to a break-in at one of the company's facilities.  

“After a break-in at our Denali Tower building earlier today, and damage to some of our equipment, GCI teams have restored all of the interrupted services. No employees were hurt in this incident," a statement released by GCI on Sunday afternoon said.

GCI said that Anchorage Police apprehended the suspect, but they could not yet provide further details on the investigation.

LKSD Adopts 2018 Budget

Jun 7, 2017

At their June board meeting last Friday, the Lower Kuskokwim School District Board voted to adopt their projected 2018 budget. The budget has seen no changes since the board’s last meeting in April. Should anything drastic occur in the State Legislature over the next month, the LKSD School Board plans to come back and make changes to their 2018 budget.

The projected expenses for the 2018 fiscal year are about $300,000 less than FY 2017. Current budget expenses are projected at $86 million, district wide, for operating 28 schools across the YK Delta.  

Airn Carl / KYUK

Architects from ECI, the Anchorage firm designing the new building for Ayaprun Elitnaurvik, the Bethel Yup'ik immersion school, will be in Bethel on Thursday to meet with the community about what to include in the new building.

Ayaprun's principal, Zachary Bastoky, says that the first meeting is intended to be an open-ended discussion of what people liked about the old building, and what they would like to see in the new building when it's completed.

Last month, Natalie Hanson broke another American powerlifting record at the U.S. National Championships in Orlando, Florida with a squat lift of 270 kilograms (595 pounds). Hanson is pictured here at the 2015 World Championships in Luxembourg.
Courtesy of Natalie Hanson / International Powerlifting Federation

Natalie Hanson of Bethel has broken both an American record, and an unofficial world record in powerlifting. Hanson said that part of her record setting success has been due to her ability to appreciate her body for function over appearance, which has led her to create a movement within the sport.


An amendment introduced last week to change a city ordinance would clarify protections for victims of domestic violence in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The Bethel City Council will consider adopting an update on its protections for renters.



After nine special budget meetings, the Bethel City Council has introduced the spending plan for fiscal year 2018. Currently, the FY 2018 total budget is set at $28 million. City officials will continue to provide updates to the budget.

Today on Fish Talk we’re opening the discussion about beaver dams and fish weirs.




As the fiscal year comes to a close, state and local budgets are being set for the next fiscal year. Bethel City Council will hold a special meeting to introduce next year's budget for adoption at City Hall on Thursday, June 1 at 6:30 PM. The proposed budget currently totals $28 million.

The EarthScope Transportable Array project will provide detailed seismic data from across Alaska.  New earthquake-monitoring site equipment was installed last week near Bethel. Pictured here, EarthScope installs a unit on Tigyukauivet Mountain.
Courtesy of Max Enders / Earth Scope, The IRIS, NSF

Last week, a federal research program installed new earthquake-monitoring equipment around Bethel. The EarthScope Transportable Array project will provide detailed seismic data from across Alaska.



Courtesy of Kiah Charlie

Class of 2017 high school graduate Kiah Charlie has made Scammon Bay history. She’s the first student from the Yukon village to receive a college basketball scholarship and to sign a letter of intent to play with a college team. The accomplishment comes after a decade of hard work from Kiah and her community.