Tracy Horn wins another prize; an hour-long therapeautic massage, in KYUK’s Fall Fundraiser “Hot Drawing”

by Shore on October 10, 2013

This afternoon’s “Hot Drawing” was especially hot due to the short window of time listeners had to pledge their support, and due to a DJ-prompted challenge that doubled everyone’s chances to win. The prize up for grabs was an hour-long therapeutic massage from Arctic Chiropractic.

Tracy Horn’s name was drawn for the second time this fundraising season, as she happily takes home this prize courtesy of Arctic Chiropractic.

To pledge your support call (907) 543-3131, or click here.

1 ticket: $5 KYUK Contributor*
2 ticket: $25 KYUK Full Member**
3 tickets: $60 KYUK Supporter Member**
4 tickets: $120 KYUK Sustainer Member**
5 tickets: $360 KYUK Provider Member* * *
6 tickets: $540 KYUK Ultimate Provider* * *

*A $5 pledge gets you (1) ticket in the “Hot Drawing” and (1) ticket in Saturday’s Weekly Drawing
**Includes “Hot Drawing” tickets, (1) ticket in the Weekly Drawing, (1) ticket in Grand Prize Drawing
* * *Includes “Hot Drawing” tickets, (1) ticket in Weekly Drawing, (2) tickets in Grand Prize Drawing

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