Another KYUK Hot Drawing up for grabs

by Shore on October 8, 2013

Anne’s Physical Therapy and Massage has graciously contributed an hour-long massage session to KYUK’s Fall Fundraiser, and you could be the beneficiary if you participate in this “Hot Drawing.”

Anne has also added a little extra incentive for supporters to raise their contributions. Anne is specifically challenging listeners and supporters of KYUK for this drawing to pledge $150.00. If the winner of tonight’s “Hot Drawing” meets or beats Anne’s challenge she will increase the massage from an hour-long session to a 90-minute session.

The drawing will take place before tonight’s City of Bethel City Council Meeting at 6:30pm.
Winners will be announced live on 640AM KYUK, and will also be posted on our website.



1 ticket: $5 KYUK Contributor
2 ticket: $25 KYUK Full Member
3 tickets: $60 KYUK Supporter Member
4 tickets: $120 KYUK Sustainer Member
5 tickets: $360 KYUK Provider Member
6 tickets: $540 KYUK Ultimate Provider

To pledge your support to KYUK click here or call (907) 543-3131.

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