KYUK Field Report

basketballKYUK will travel to the village that pledges the most support during their fall fundraiser to broadcast play-by play coverage of a high school basketball game.

KYUK’s Radio Director Shane Iverson says the competition has two purposes. “We want to provide a fun incentive for people in the village to contribute to KYUK. Plus we’ve been looking to start live coverage of basketball games in villages. This will show us which village would most value this service.” Read more →

K300 finishers video

by KYUK Field Report on January 21, 2013

Video by Dean Swope.

These are the unofficial standings. See the K300 leaderboard for official results.

bogus finish top 3 2013 from KYUK on Vimeo.

Video by Dean Swope.

Bogus 150 Live Tracking

January 19, 2013

K300 start video

January 18, 2013

Bogus 150 start video

January 18, 2013

Rohn Buser K300 pre-race interview

January 18, 2013