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Our policy is to share KYUK Public Media content with other news organizations, but we do have credit requirements. This policy covers photos, videos and stories. See specific requirements for different kinds of content below.

Photo/Video Sharing
Web:  If KYUK Public Media photos are used online we require a photo credit for “KYUK Public Media” and the photographer in the photo caption, along with a link to the original photo on KYUK’s website.

Television Broadcast:  If KYUK Public Media photos or videos are used in a television broadcast, we require a photo credit for “KYUK Public Media” on the screen with the photo.

Example: (Video by Dean Swope / KYUK Public Media)

Story Sharing
Web: If KYUK Public Media content is used online in its entirety, or in summary, we require the story refer to “KYUK Public Media” as the source of the story and provide a link to the original story on KYUK’s website in the first sentence.

Example: The Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation is looking to renovate its hospital and construct a new outpatient clinic, according to a story by KYUK Public Media.

Television Broadcast: For on-air use of KYUK Public Media story content we require that the host credit “KYUK Public Media” orally.

Example: On air story – Host script: Searchers are looking for a man missing near Bethel. According to KYUK Public Media in Bethel, the man left on foot Tuesday morning.

Cama-i 2014 Highlights

by KYUK Staff on April 7, 2014

Kuskokwim 300 GPS Tracker

by KYUK Staff on January 19, 2014

Bogus 150 GPS Tracker

by KYUK Staff on January 18, 2014

KYUK reaches fundraising goal

by KYUK Staff on October 13, 2013

With four days left in the annual Fall Fundraiser KYUK members have pushed the public radio station over it’s fundraising goal of $20,000. This year’s goal was the most ambitious in over well over two decades. KYUK’s Radio Director Shane Iverson says achieving the lofty goal proves Y/K Delta residents value their public radio station. “We’re deeply humbled by all the giving. It shows us listeners appreciate what we’ve been doing to improve local broadcasting.” Read more →