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kingsKwethluk and Atmautluak are still in front of the Village Showdown categories but a surge 0f pledging could turn the tide for any village  hungry to win for their high school teams.

The villages that pledge the most during the 2014 Fall Fundraiser will win live broadcasts of their high school basketball teams this season.

Kwethluk’s effort got a major boost from the City of Kwethluk that contributed a $540 contribution.
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dougthumbDoug Molyneaux, an independent fisheries biologist and devoted KYUK listener, is promising to match any pledge from new contributors up to $1,000.

“KYUK is a tremendous asset to the YK Delta, ” says Molyneaux. “I particularly appreciate the news programing and the forum KYUK provides to discuss the fish and wildlife issues so important to the people of the YK. Read more →

As a public radio station and television provider KYUK relies on community donations to stay on-air, so we are deeply appreciative of any donation you can make. No matter the amount we want to show our gratitude, and give you something you can be proud to own. This fall our incentive gifts to you are high quality items that will show your support for KYUK. Plus, local businesses and organizations have made our weekly and grand prize drawings the most valuable drawings in our 43 year history. Thanks for supporting KYUK.


1) KYUK Basic Member
Annual Giving: $5
– KYUK bumper stickerScan 1
– Name in weekly drawing


2) KYUK Full Member
Annual Giving: $25
– Name in grand prize drawingScreen shot 2013-09-30 at 10.38.44 AM
– KYUK bumper sticker
– Name in weekly drawing

3) KYUK Supporter Member
Annual giving $65
Monthly giving: $5.42
(Daily: $0.16)

– Name in grand prize drawing
– KYUK bumper sticker
– Name in weekly drawing



4) KYUK Maintainer Member
Annual $125
Monthly minimum: $10.42
(Daily: $ 0.35)

Bumper sticker_Bag_ Water Bottle _Prize tickets- KYUK 32oz water bottle (Limited Edition)
– KYUK tote bag
– Name in grand prize drawing
– KYUK bumper sticker
– Name in weekly drawing



5) KYUK Partner Member
Annual Giving: $250
Monthly Giving: $20.85
(Daily: $0.68)

KYUK Hoodie Back- KYUK hooded sweatshirt
– Name in grand prize drawing
– KYUK 32oz water bottle
– KYUK tote bag
– KYUK bumper sticker
– Name in weekly drawing


6) KYUK Provider
Annual giving: $365
Monthly Giving: $30.40
(Daily: $1)
Water bottle Bumper sticker  Bag- Double chances in grand prize drawing
– KYUK hoodie
– KYUK 32oz water bottle
– KYUK tote
– Name in weekly drawing
– KYUK bumper sticker



7) KYUK Ultimate Provider
Annual Giving $540 and above
Monthly Giving: $45
(Daily: $1.50)

Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 11.53.01 AM
– KYUK Stanley thermos (Limited Edition)
– KYUK hooded sweatshirt
– Two KYUK 32oz water bottle (Limited Edition)
Double chances in grand prize drawing
– KYUK tote bag
– KYUK bumper sticker
– Name in weekly drawing




Click here to donate to KYUK.
Questions? Call 543-3131.

The mission of KYUK:
We are dedicated to serving the rural Alaska and Alaska Native population of our region and responding to issues that affect the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. Our mission is to educate, stimulate and inform as well as provide cultural enrichment, entertainment, and opportunity for public access and language maintenance for cultural survival.

Following KYUK’s release of video of an officer-involved shooting in Bethel, there has been some discussion online and some people have asked why KYUK released the video.

A big part of KYUK public radio’s mission is “responding to issues that affect the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.” Certainly, an officer-involved shooting that took place in a populated neighborhood is such an issue.

We released video of the officer-involved shooting that took place on Friday, August 15th, after much deliberation of the possible impact to the community we serve, the police officers, and to the person who was shot.
In the end, we decided to release the video because we were in a position to provide a window on the facts in a neutral way that allows those viewing the recording to make their own judgments, based on the most complete information available to date.

In addition, we reached out to an immediate family member of the man who was shot and who approved of the release.

KYUK and all media organizations are in a new world where delivering raw information online, sometimes even before it is written and produced for radio or TV, is now possible. In this case, we simultaneously released a news story to accompany the video with as much clarifying information as possible to help people make sense of the situation which had occurred.

KYUK’s news department takes very seriously its obligation to provide accurate information to our listeners and followers in the community of Bethel, the Y-K Delta and beyond. We hope the information provided through our radio and online stories as well as other content, including the video, helps people make sense of the situation that has occurred and assists them in making informed decisions about the current state and future of our community.

Republican Senate Candidates Dan Sullivan, Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller will be competing for your vote at the Rural Alaska Republican Senate Candidates Forum on Thursday, August 7, at 10AM. KYUK produced the event that will be hosted at the Alaska Public Media Broadcast Center in Anchorage. The live forum will be aired on public radio stations throughout much of the state, including KYUK.

Republican Senate Candidates (left to right) Joe Miller, Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell.

Republican Senate Candidates (left to right) Joe Miller, Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell.

After the debate a panel of Bethel Republicans will discuss the debate with KYUK’s call-in audience starting at 11:30 AM.

A Yup’ik translation of the entire forum will air at later in the day at 1PM.

Then the Forum will be rebroadcasted that evening at 7PM.

Break-up officially occurred in Bethel when the 2014 Kuskokwim Ice Classic Tripod was tripped as it fell through the ice at exactly 5:00 P.M. on Friday, May 2. According to the Bethel Community Services Foundation, which coordinates the Ice Classic, the Break-Up Bash will be held Sunday, May 4, from 3-5:30 P.M.
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Megan Leary is the 2014 first runner up of the Miss Indian World competition, which concluded Saturday night at the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque. The contest brings together young, indigenous culture bearers from all over North America. Leary won the competition for best speech and best talent for her skin sewing.

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The Kwethluk River, a tributary in the lower Kuskokwim, is now open. Photo courtesy: David Epchook.

The Kwethluk River, a tributary in the lower Kuskokwim, is now open. Photo courtesy: David Epchook.

The State of Alaska River Watch program is reporting open water in the Kuskokwim River headwater village of Nicolai as of Wednesday, April 23. Read more →

GCI is facing a lawsuit filed by customers in Bethel and along the Kuskokwim. The suit alleges that the communications company has been ripping off customers in the Y/K Delta. Read more →

The Native Village of Goodnews Bay and the Kongiganak Traditional Council are the first to apply to build a low power FM station which would allow all homes in their villages to receive a strong KYUK signal. According to their applications KYUK 640AM does not reach Goodnews Bay, while in Kongiganak reception was described as infrequent and poor. Both tribes are hoping a low cost, low power repeater will lead to strong KYUK reception.

“We were very excited to see their applications,” says KYUK’s Radio Operations and Programming Director Shane Iverson. “We know there’s a demand for KYUK where there’s currently no reception. Now villages can do something about that, and these two villages have taken the first step.”

There are other villages on the Lower Yukon and Kuskokwim coast who are eligible to apply, and have yet to do so, says Iverson.

This spring KYUK teamed up with the rural development program at the UAF- Kuskowim Campus in an effort to spread the word about the KYUK repeaters. Jason Smith, a senior in the rural development program, was selected to contact village tribes, corporations and schools.

“The feedback is largely positive,“ says Smith. “Almost everyone wants KYUK in their village, and when they learn how inexpensive it could be most want to learn more.”

Applying is free, says Smith, but there will be costs associated with building a low power station. He estimates it will cost at least $18,000 to build each station, but Iverson says villages don’t need to identify all the funding sources at this point. “A specific funding plan is down the road. For now we just need to know which villages are willing to be partners with us. That’s what applying is all about.”

Once the application period closes on Friday, April 4, KYUK will prioritize the applications based on their strength. KYUK will then select two villages for pilot projects. After those stations are running KYUK will build stations in the other villages that applied until every wanting village has KYUK.

“If you think your village might want a repeater at some point in the future, now is the time to act. Applying now gets your village in line.” says Iverson.

More information is available here, and applications can be found here. Questions can be directed to, or by calling Smith at 543-0234.