AVCP boycotts McDonalds

by Sophie Evan on January 30, 2013

One of the world’s fast food giants has recently come out with T-V ad’s touting Alaskan caught fish on their menu. The ad claims resource sustainability, which A-V-C-P adamantly disagrees with. The Association of Village Council Presidents, represent 56 predominately native villages up and down the Yukon and Kuskokwim river drainage where salmon sustainability is at a critical time. John Active reports. Story by Sophie Evan

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In the current complicated saga of salmon conservation on the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers, AVCP has been at the forefront advocating for indigenous subsistence rights to the salmon. And it looks like there is more competition for wild Alaskan fish as a fast food chain has put wild Alaskan Pollock on their menu. AVCP president Myron Naneng says McDonald’s claim of “Certified Sustainable Seafood” is all wrong.

Cut 2 “the fact that McDonald’s is selling Pollock does not mean it’s a sustainable fisheries, because it impacts marine mammals like bearded seals, ring seals, and other spotted and harbor seals that have recently been listed as a threatened species status, and that’s going to impact a lot of people out on the coast, who rely on the marine mammals for food, so it’s not just the Chinook salmon, and all these other food sources are impacted and they call it a clean fishery?” :38

Naneng says the Bering Sea Trawl Fleet has way too many incidental harvests of salmon, which are then thrown overboard.

Cut 2 “ back in 2007, the Bering sea trawl had a high by-catch rate of 120-thousand plus, and that is only the reported number based on observers.” :12

Although Western Alaska does not have a McDonald’s, Naneng is encouraging a boycott.

Cut 3 “but there’s a lot of people from our villages that live in anchorage who know what the plight of our people are going through in Western Alaska.” :09

McDonald’s did not respond to KYUK by press time. I’m John Active for KYUK news.

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