Bethel City Council preview

by Mark Arehart on June 12, 2012

Everything from approving an action plan for hiring an in-house attorney, to appointing officials to the pool board and opening up for proposals for privatizing the recycling center will be discussed by the Bethel City Council tonight.

The Bethel City Council is set on hiring an in-house attorney and will discuss the hiring process at tonight’s meeting.

For the past few years the council has relied on an attorney based in Anchorage for legal services. Council has cited convenience and availability as factors in wanting the in-house attorney.

Having a local city attorney is not new to Bethel. The last time the city had one was in 2008… but as previously reported by KYUK, that situation did not end well.

On February 8th, 2008, then attorney Sharon Sigmon was let go in a controversial 4-3 decision by the city council.

At that time, some on council suggested that Sigmon was biased toward certain council members, while others on council fought to retain Sigmon’s services as legal council.

At the time the firing was described as ugly, emotional and divided.

This go around, the council will choose from four applicants including one from Bethel and another from Anchorage.

Also on the agenda for tonight, the council will discuss taking proposals for plans to privatize the Bethel recycling center, which has been closed for several years.

According to city documents, proposals will be accepted from June 13th to July 13th.

Council will then discuss which member will be appointed to the Kuimarvik Board.

Kuimarvik is the group that represents the newly funded swimming pool project here in Bethel.

At a previous special meeting, the council decided to join the board and appoint a council member as a representative, along with an additional representative from the city’s administration.

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