Bethel city council to consider hiring investigator to look into contracts

by Ben Matheson on January 31, 2014

The Bethel City council will hold a special meeting Saturday morning. The council made decision to call a special meeting at the very end of its regular meeting on Tuesday, after holding executive session. The published agenda includes just two items. The first is a look at the possibility of hiring an independent auditor or investigator to review the way the city issues contracts, and a look at personnel polices, and the associated budgets.

Council member Sharon Sigmon made the motion. She says that the council wants to make sure things are being done properly and in accordance with city code. She says the meeting will examine what it would take, how much it would cost to hire someone. She tells KYUK that it’s not based on a specific contract or personnel issue, but there are several issue that the council wants addressed.

The agenda says there could be possibility to direct the city clerk or attorney to move ahead with contracting an investigator. The second item scheduled is executive session to discuss matters that could have an adverse effect on city finances related to contracts and personnel management.

The meeting is set for 10:30 a.m. on February 1st. It will not air on KYUK. Stay tuned to KYUK news Monday for a report on the meeting.

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