Bethel man charged with theft of snowmachine

by Ben Matheson on December 31, 2013

21-year-old Glenn Norcross is being charged with the felony theft of a snowmachine. According to documents filed in Bethel District court, a Polaris 800 RMK snowmachine was stolen from the Long House early in the morning on December 22. The snowmachine’s owner told police that Norcross had stolen the snowmachine with another man.

According to the complaint, one of the victims said that Norcorss and a friend had showed up at a Long House Christmas party and began messing with DJ equipment. They were asked to leave. The other owner of the snowmachine said that the two men may have drug the machine behind the hotel before starting it and taking off. Police met Norcross’s friend last week, who said he did not know the machine was stolen. They were not able to contact Norcross.

On Friday, police brought a photo lineup to the Long House and the victims identified Norcross as the suspect. The warrant was issued Saturday and bail set at 5,000 dollars. Norcross faces a charge of 2nd degree theft over 500 dollars, which is a class C felony.

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