Bethel PO delivers packages three at a time

by Mark Arehart on December 7, 2012

A few weeks ago the Bethel Post Office changed how it delivered packages to customers. Instead of delivering packages to everyone regardless of position in line, workers started to deliver them to one customer at a time. That policy has changed yet again

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With the holiday season in full swing, packages are flooding into the Bethel Post Office by the truckload. And that means yellow slips; the pieces of paper placed in a PO box signifying you have a package waiting for you.
Historically workers at the counter would take a customer’s yellow slip and call for all other slips regardless of customers’ place in line.

That changed a few weeks ago when the District Office in Anchorage received a complaint from a Bethel resident saying they thought the process was unfair.

So the higher ups in Anchorage made a call to the Bethel PO

“Our policy is to serve the customer in the order that they are in line,” said Blessie Lochman, the Acting Manager of Marketing at the District Office.

But, she said that policy has been adjusted because the line at the Bethel PO has gotten too long.

“The postmaster recently implemented and has instructed his employees to pull the slips three at a time.”

That means if three consecutive customers in line have yellow slips, all three customers’ packages can be delivered.

But if there are two customers with yellow slips, followed by one customer with no slip, then only the first two can have packages delivered.

Lochmann said that while this three-slip rule is a bit faster than delivering packages one at a time, the process could change yet again.

“You know we are going to continue to listen to our customers and see how well it works out. If it needs to be tweaked again… I mean that’s something that definitely we’ll consider and look into,” she said.

Lochmann also said the old way of package delivery, where all yellow slips are collected at once, could could be a possibility in the future.

“Well, again, it’s something that we need to analyze in time because we just put the change into place. It’s too soon, I believe, make a comment about that, whether or not we’re going to go back to how it was before.”

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