Bethel police investigate string of arsons

by Angela Denning-Barnes on May 24, 2013

Bethel police are investigating a string of arsons that happened in the early morning hours today. They say three snow machines were set on fire and approximately five others were attempted to be burned. In addition, eight vehicles were tampered with in what appears to be attempts to light them on fire.

Police say the incidents happened between 2 and 4 a.m. starting at the Joe Lomack beach area and then spreading around town. They are not given out more specific details about the locations because they are tracking suspects.

They say they have one suspect who was caught on video but they haven’t made any arrests yet.

Police are asking anyone with information about these incidents to contact them at 543-3781. Also, if anyone had their snow machines or vehicles tampered with early this morning, contact the police as well.

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