Bethel port launches online cameras

by Ben Matheson on December 4, 2013

Bethel port camera online view /  Photo from Port of Bethel

Bethel port camera online view / Photo from Port of Bethel

Pilots have been able to get a nearly first hand look at their destination by logging on to see FAA’s online airport cameras. Travelers on the Kuskokwim now have the same ability to see live views at Bethel’s port.

There are six remotely accessible cameras showing the city dock, sea wall, and small boat harbor. Pete Williams is Bethel’s port director:

“If you’re taking a boat ride you can take a look ahead look around and see what the weather is really like compared to what the forecast might be or what you hear on the radio,” said Williams. “You can look out front here and actually see the waves, we’ve been pretty amazed, you can see birds fly by, the eyes inside of the bird. It’s pretty amazing.”

In the right hand side of the screen, there will soon be a live weather report to match up with the photos. Williams says it’s possible to see wave action and trees blowing in the wind.

The cameras are connected to software allows the port to archive footage for approximately 30 days. There are also options to program in motions. For example, if the software is taught to identify a person going over the sea wall, it can detect it and quickly fire off an email. And there are of course security applications: it’s possible to blow up different portion of the image to identify license plates

The cameras were paid for through the port’s budget. The current system cost about $20,000 not counting labor. The system can be expanded in the future.

A link to each of the cameras is posted below:

City dock and beach:


Small boat harbor 1:

Small boat harbor 2:

Small boat harbor 3:

Camera not online yet:

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