Bethel Search and Rescue Warns Drivers: Stay Off Kuskokwim

by Charles Enoch on April 16, 2014

After several warm days, the Kuskokwim River has standing water and deep holes. Mike Riley with Bethel Search and Rescue says vehicles should stay off the river.

“The mouth of the boat harbor is full of deep holes where you can actually get stuck, and there’s a hole that is forming over at the Crow Barge but hopefully by sometime today we’ll have markers on these. In Straight Slough, the upper end, it has a very deep hole, there was a lot of standing water, and last night there was two trucks that were trying to go through there and they got stuck in four feet of water so I advise not to go into straight slough,” said Riley.

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Riley also warns that two people got stuck on Monday in a deep overflow area on the other side of the river from the Joe Lomack building. He says a hole is reported to be forming in front of the building as well. Two snowmobilers also got stuck on the northern side of Church Slough after running into deep water.

Two other snowmobilers went through the lower entrance to the slough through five-foot deep water, they are reported to be fine. Deep standing water is reported on the Gueek River and Riley advises there should be no one traveling on those trails at any time. He adds no vehicles of any kind should be traveling on the river due to deep water.

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