Bethel teens arrested for stealing three cars in one night

by Melvin Pavilla on July 26, 2013

Bethel teens arrested for stealing three cars in one night_mixdownThree cars were stolen on the same night in Bethel this week and police say the same teenagers are responsible. Bethel resident, Brian Lefferts is one of the burglary victims. His green 1997 Chevy truck was stolen July 24th. But it wasn’t the first time his family had their car taken over night. Just a few weeks earlier, on July 8th, their silver 2008 Toyota 4-runner was stolen.

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The first burglary went like this: Lefferts woke on the morning of the 8th to find their car missing. They called police and he continued on to work in his other truck. Enroute, he saw his wife’s car being driven down the road. He pursued it onto H Marker Lake to a dead end and called police. Police apprehended two, young teenagers, a boy and a girl. The gas gauge was way down and it appeared they had been driving around for hours.

On the 24th, Leffert’s other car went missing. He drove around and found it stuck on the tundra near Blueberry Subdivision. Two teenage boys were sitting inside saying they had found it there. They took off on foot across the doughnut hole and police pursued them, catching them near Meyer’s Farm.

Lefferts spent a few hours digging his truck out of the tundra with the help of others. It was covered in mud and smelled like an ashtray inside. A few dents on the exterior, along with remnants of a tow strap, indicate that the teens might have attempted to get it unstuck.

Lefferts says he is thankful for the police department’s help.

Jennifer Bierley’s car didn’t fare so well. It was also stolen from Tundra Ridge on the 24th. The 1999 Chevy Silverado was found in a ditch with damages both inside and out. The car seat was sliced open and a car safety tool kit was destroyed. She says there were lots of cigarette butts and spit in the glove compartment as well.

Bierley says she wants to know why there are kids running around destroying personal property.

A third vehicle was stolen from Tundra Ridge on the 24th–a 2004 grey Dodge truck. It was found stuck in the mud near H Marker Lake.

Bethel police are investigating and believe the same two juveniles are responsible. They have been booked into the Bethel youth facility. It is unknown if they are related to the vehicle theft on July 8th.

Police say two of the three vehicles stolen on the 24th had the keys in the ignition.

Total damages to the vehicles are unknown.

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