Bethel voters go for experience

by Angela Denning-Barnes on October 2, 2013

Bethel voters liked what they had before it seems. They chose three candidates with council experience and one who was born and raised in Bethel to fill four vacant seats. Voters chose incumbents Mark Springer and Rick Robb. They also chose Heather Pike who has served on council before. The fourth highest vote getter was Byron Macynski who was born and raised in Bethel.

It’s not a done deal, however, as there are still 69 question ballots left to count. That won’t happen until the canvas board meets Oct. 3.

The unofficial results show the highest vote getter is incumbent Rick Robb who received 306 votes or nearly 57 percent of votes. Former council member, Heather Pike, received the next highest votes at 274 votes. Incumbent Mark Springer is just three votes behind at 271 votes. Byron Macynski received 248 votes.

Other candidates finished as follows:
Leif Albertson received 240 votes
Johnny Furlong took 152 votes
Willy Keppel brought in 130 votes

As for voter turnout, it wasn’t very high. About 13 percent of registered voters cast ballots for this election.

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