Bethel woman faces charges for check fraud

by Ben Matheson on December 16, 2013

A Bethel woman is facing felony charges for allegedly writing checks with another woman’s checkbook. 32-year-old Erica Marcie Hoffman was arrested last Monday after a police investigation.

They were called a residence earlier this month on a report of unauthorized checks being processed around town. The victims of the alleged fraud says that Michael Langley was house sitting for her while traveling out of town. Hoffman was not supposed to enter the home.

Police found a total of seven checks were made out to places like AC, Swanson’s, and a gas station. The total was 634 dollars and 7 cents. Police says Hoffman admitted to writing checks without permission in a recorded interview.

Hoffman is charged with seven felony counts of forgery and a charge for theft over $500 dollars. Bail was set at $5,000. Her next court appearance is December 20th.

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