BNC shareholder dividends higher this year

by Angela Denning-Barnes on December 7, 2012

Bethel Native Corporation’s annual shareholder dividends are being mailed out today and they are bigger than ever at $4.95 a share. Most shareholders have 100 shares so they will be getting $495.

The dividend is a slight 14 cent increase from last year but President Ana Hoffman says it still marks growth in the corporation.

“The dividend amount is directly related to the corporation’s performance,” said Hoffman.

She says although BNC shareholders live all over the world, most of them are here in Bethel. And the locals will be sharing about a half million dollars.

“This dividend distribution is going to have a significant impact to the local economy,” said Hoffman.

BNC’s first shareholder dividend was in 1987 at 35 cents a share. Payouts steadily increased over the years until 2010 when they saw a jump of over a dollar per share. Hoffman says that year, the corporation began a dividend policy that put a set amount of profit into the dividends every year.

“It wasn’t really a policy change,” Hoffman said. “It was adopting and implementing a dividend policy so we could have predictable and sustainable dividend payments that were related to the corporation’s performance over a five year average.”

Bethel Native Corporation does business in commercial real estate development, construction, government contracting, environmental remediation, engineering, and other services.

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