Break Up Seems Hard To Do…At Least For This Spring

by Mike Martz on May 14, 2013

Breakup on Alaska’s rivers is always hard to predict and this year it seems to be particularly hard to do.  The Kuskokwim and the Yukon are both still solid and even in the upriver sections that see the first signs of thawing the spring meltdown is moving at a snails pace.

No matter when breakup does occur, you can count on KYUK to be your “go to” source on the air and on line for up to date information on ice conditions, the progress of breakup, ice jams and potential flooding.

Our news and radio staff work closely with state hydrologists and emergency managers; our local meterologists with the National Weather Service; Earl Samuelson, the pilot for the Alaska State Troopers, who provides us with detailed river watch aerial reports; Bethel Search and Rescue volunteers and our many contacts in villages up and down the Kuskokwim and on the Yukon who provide us with local information on breakup conditions in and around their communities.

KYUK has been keeping watch  on breakup for 42 years.  We take our responsibility to provide timely, up to date and accurate river breakup reports very seriously.

You can count on us to once again keep you all informed and updated on this year’s breakup…whenever it finally does happen.

Thanks for your support of public media for Bethel and the YK Delta.

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