Buser passes King outside Kalskag in area of poorly marked trail

by Ben Matheson on January 18, 2014

Jeff King left Kalskag with a 13 minute edge on Rohn Buser, but ran into an area of poorly marked trail and was unable to find the correct route. In that time, Rohn Buser, whose team was also confused by the lack of markers coming out of the Kalskag checkpoint, was able to grab an approximate 10 minute lead.

Th racers faced an icy descent onto the Kuskokwim River when leaving the checkpoint as well as several snow machine trails forcing both King and then Buser to guess the best trail.

A local teacher, Jenny Moser, was able to find the markings about a half a mile from the checkpoint and near the middle of the river where the trail cuts across the Kuskokwim. Another snow machiner then directed the racers towards her sno machine light. Buser was in slightly better position at that time and was also able to more quickly get his team to respond to the new navigational point.

KYUK’s Will Peterson reports that trail crews were able to fix the marking before Paul Gebhardt approached the area and he was able to gain time on both frontrunners. GPS tracking shows Rohn Buser leading King by about a mile. The front pack will next stop in Tuluksak for their mandatory four hour rest.

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