Calista cancels annual meeting in Goodnews Bay

by Angela Denning-Barnes on May 29, 2012

Calista’s board of directors canceled its June 2 shareholder meeting in Goodnews Bay through a resolution vote May 15. Chairman Art Heckman did not return a call to KYUK for an interview. However, in a written statement released May 23, Heckman said the board canceled the meeting, “after realizing a defect had occurred in the voting process at the board’s April 2012 meeting on the at-large nominee candidate to be included in the board’s slate of nominees up for election.”

The statement said the vote taken in April would have been different had all directors other than the incumbent at-large nominee to the board been allowed to vote on the matter. Heckman said “because the board slate was incorrectly composed, the board concluded that the proxy statement was incorrectly composed.”

Meeting materials for the annual shareholders meeting had already been mailed out and it was too late to make amendments, according to Heckman. He said the only alternative available was to stop preparations for the meeting and reschedule it.

The press release did not include a date for a future meeting.

Calista has 12,600 shareholders, according to its website. The corporation is an Alaska Native regional corporation formed under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act and organized under Alaska corporate law.

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