Calista named 8th best Alaska-owned business

by Angela Denning-Barnes on October 24, 2013

Calista logoCalista, the region’s native corporation, was named the 8th top business in Alaska earlier this month at the annual Top 49ers luncheon in Anchorage.

The event was co-sponsored by the Alaska Business Monthly magazine and the Alaska State Chamber of Commerce. They rate the businesses on gross revenue for 2012.

Calista’s revenues reached $404.23 million last year. That’s up $100 million dollars from 2011.

To date, Calista has handed out more than $22.3 million in shareholder dividends and distributions.

In a release Calista President, Andrew Guy, said that they have expanded their business in recent years with the acquisitions of STG Incorporated, Yukon Equipment, and Brice Incorporated.

Guy was featured this month in the Alaska Business Monthly magazine where he talksed about Calista’s operations.

Calista has more than 12,500 shareholders.

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