Calista reports to shareholders

by Sophie Evan on March 15, 2013

The Calista Corporation looks like it’s back on track, after a year of controversy, from cancelling the annual shareholders meeting, to putting C-E-O Andrew Guy on Administrative leave. This month, the Calista Corporation’s call in show was held this morning, Sophie Evan has more.Iisten to story

The Calista Corporation has vowed to improve shareholder communications in the future. During their last Board of Director’s meeting, the Board says they will publish a re-cap of Board actions made during a meeting. The corporation has started that new policy by announcing the various board actions that were made last month.

The first announcement is for the distribution of a shareholder dividend worth $three-dollars and twenty five ($3.25) cents per share, each shareholder starts out with a hundred shares, so the dividend will be worth at least $three hundred twenty five ($325) dollars. The dividend is scheduled to be sent out by April 15th.

Another change is that the subsidiary’s of Calista will no longer be run by a committee of three directors, now all of the directors will have a say in how the subsidiaries are run.

Electronic shareholder voting will also be in place for the 2014 board of director elections.

The board also approved the amendments to the by-laws and election policies and procedures.

Shareholders wishing to run for the board no longer need to be associated with a village corporation as well.

The board also suspended compensation for one director for non-attendance of three consecutive board meetings.

The board is also making available, upon request by a shareholder, a copy of the investigative report regarding President Andrew Guy.

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