Calista shareholder seeks board change

by Angela Denning-Barnes on August 23, 2012

A Calista shareholder is seeking to remove two board members in the corporation’s annual meeting in November. Mike Williams Sr. of Akiak has filed paperwork for the removal of the Board’s Chairman, Art Heckman, and the Board’s Secretary, Felix Hess.

Williams says he has two main reasons for seeking the removals, both of which stem from recent actions by the board.

First, he doesn’t agree with the board’s last minute decision to cancel and reschedule the shareholder’s annual meeting.

“The bottom line is it costs a lot more money for the company to do the meeting over again,” Williams said.

The Calista Board voted to cancel the June 2nd annual shareholder’s meeting a few weeks before it was scheduled to happen in Goodnews Bay. On May 15, the board voted to cancel the meeting and on June 1, the board rescheduled the meeting for November 3 in Goodnews Bay. The entire voting process including shareholder proxy votes would be redone.

In a brief interview with KYUK, Chairman Art Heckman said the reason for canceling and re-scheduling was because there was a defect in the board’s voting process during a meeting in April. At that meeting, three board members were not allowed to vote on the at-large nominee candidate, but should have voted, Heckman said.

Heckman refused to say why the board members were not allowed to vote but said the outcome of the vote would have been different.

Williams said he’s gone over the meeting minutes himself.

“I thought it was not a good reason to cancel the meeting that was already set out.” said Williams. “A lot of the shareholders had sent in their proxies and their votes, just like I did.”

Another reason Williams wants the two board members gone is because he doesn’t agree with the board’s decision to remove Andrew Guy as President.

“Again, I did not think that it was the real reason to put the President on administrative leave,” Williams said.

In mid-July, rumors started circulating among shareholders that Andrew Guy was put on administrative leave. The board would not confirm it, but by mid-August the media eventually found out through leaked documents that it was, in fact, the case.

Williams says he fully expects that his resolutions will be on proxies for the November meeting because he followed the corporation’s election policies, procedures, and bylaws.

According to Calista’s public information office, Williams requests will have to go through a formal process, which hasn’t been completed. Williams’ and all other shareholder resolutions submitted between Aug. 1-17 are currently under review.

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