Calista shareholders meet in Bethel

by Sophie Evan on September 30, 2013

George Guy, Johnny Evan, and John Angaiak are sworn in.  photo by Calista

George Guy, Johnny Evan, and John Angaiak are sworn in. photo by Calista

The Calista Corporation held it’s annual shareholders meeting at the old Armory Saturday, September 28th. Over 400 shareholders showed up in person to attend the first Bethel meeting in 29 years.

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Bethel’s old armory was filled to capacity during the 2013 Calista Shareholders meeting. Chairman Willie Kassayulie led the meeting. Although a quorum was established, the majority of the total shareholders did not cast their proxies and three binding resolutions were doomed to fail from the start.

The first binding resolution attempted to impose term limits to the Calista Board of Directors. The second one tried to prohibit a Board Member from becoming a Calista employee, while serving on the Board of Directors, that failed, the last one was directed at removing Board Member Arthur Heckman Senior of Pilot Station, that failed as well.

“Calista definitely encourages all the shareholders to be informed of what is going on, understand and read about the various issues that are voted on, ” said Calista spokesman Thom Leonard.

Three advisory resolutions were put to the shareholders vote in order to give the Board of Directors a sense of what shareholders are thinking on certain issues.

The first one was to amend the by-laws in order to provide a timely release of the annual meeting minutes, the second concerns the election policies and procedures in order to change shareholders resolution requirements, the third was asking what shareholders thought about issuing stock to shareholder descendants. Shareholders voted in favor of all.

“advisory resolutions, they are not binding, the Board of Directors will take a look at all the votes that were cast on every issue for the advisory resolutions, and we will definetly take all the voices into consideration, said Leonard, “and that is why we encourage every shareholder to vote, so we have a real understanding of what the shareholders would like the future of the corporation to be.”

Three seats were up for election this year, in Administrative Units four, five, and six. George Guy of Kwethluk and John Angaiak of Bethel were re-elected for units four and six. Johnny Evan originally of Tuntutuliak replaced William Igkurak for unit five. The question and answer session lasted for an hour and a half. Proxy cash prize winners will be announced late in October when the next issue of the storyknife will be published.

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