All the 2014 Fall Fundraiser prizes and premiums MUST be picked up by 5pm on October 31st, or you will forfeit that prize or premium gift.

Come to the station anytime between 9am & 5pm Monday through Friday; we’re located at 640 Radio St. in Bethel, Alaska.

Call 907.543.3131 with questions.

*Note: If you live outside of Bethel your prizes and premiums will be mailed to you.

2014 Grand Prize Drawing Winners

by Shore on October 17, 2014

Donations and pledges via mail, phone, and internet continue to pour in even though KYUK has met the goal, finalized the Village Showdown, and effectively wrapped up the 2014 Fall Fundraiser.

The final part of the process took place on Friday morning, and listeners waited to hear if their name would be on of the nine lucky winners in the Grand Prize Drawing. Read more →

king1Kwethluk has once again won KYUK’s Village Showdown in the total giving category while Atmautluak has claimed victory in the first ever inclusion of the per person village giving category.  With their generous pledging both villages have won live broadcast’s of their boys and girls high school basketball this season.

“We can’t wait to get out to Atmautluak and Kwethluk this season,” says KYUK’s Director of Operations Shane Iverson.” Or they may choose to send us to an away game so all the fans back home can catch the games.”
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Doug Molyneaux’s promise to match the dollar amount pledged by new KYUK members helped generate $3,740 in new membership pledges this fall.  Molyneaux , an independent fisheries biologist and devoted KYUK listener, says his goal was to generate a larger pool of donors for the only public radio station broadcasting throughout the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

“KYUK is a tremendous asset to the YK Delta, ” says Molyneaux. “I particularly appreciate the news programing and the forum KYUK provides to discuss the fish and wildlife issues so important to the people of the YK. Read more →

Anyone who makes a pledge between 12pm and 9pm will be entered into another “Hot Drawing” for tonight.

Check out the prizes below, and be sure to get your pledge in my clicking HERE, or call 907.543.0234!

ArXotica Beauty Products Prize Package
(4) Portable Device Chargers
Camouflaged Calista Hats
Children’s Qaspeq
Homemade Fireweed/Jalepeno Jelly
Homemade Citrus Marmalade

(Thursday’s other “Hot Drawing” was completed earlier. Click here to see the list of winners and prizes)

The first “Hot Drawing” for today included 28 possible winners, but only 6 of those 28 people came away with prizes.

Prizes and Winners:
Portable Charger (courtesy of Wells Fargo): Elsie Chanar
Portable Charger (courtesy of Wells Fargo): Rachel Epchook
Portable Charger (courtesy of Wells Fargo): Althea Jackson
Portable Charger (courtesy of Wells Fargo): Addy Roddy
ArXotica Prize Package: Agnes McIntyre
$150 Gift Certificate from Crowley: Casey Burke

kingsKwethluk and Atmautluak are still in front of the Village Showdown categories but a surge 0f pledging could turn the tide for any village  hungry to win for their high school teams.

The villages that pledge the most during the 2014 Fall Fundraiser will win live broadcasts of their high school basketball teams this season.

Kwethluk’s effort got a major boost from the City of Kwethluk that contributed a $540 contribution.
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KYUK listeners continue to contribute generously, despite the fact that the fundraising goal has been reached.  A lot of this support can be chalked up to the drawings and contests that continue through the 2014 Fall Fundraiser.

This evening’s KYUK newscast was the host of another “Hot Drawing.”

(Drum roll, please…) And the winners are:
Portable Device Chargers
(courtesy of Wells Fargo): Florence Maczynski, Lianna Brown, Laura Kylook, Joe Joe Prince

Gourmet Dog Donuts

(courtesy of Bethel Friends of Canines): Sasha Jimmy

Hour-Long Massage
(courtesy of Uptelgulalria Massage): Matt Murphy

If you make a pledge to KYUK between noon and 5pm today you will be entered into a “Hot Drawing,” and if that pledge is $25 or more you will be entered into Friday’s Grand Prize Drawing as well.

We have 6 prizes to give away in the drawing:
-Gourmet Dog Treats (courtesy of Bethel Friends of Canines)
-An hour-long personal massage (courtesy of Updelgulalga Massage)
-Four (4) mobile device chargers (courtesy of Wells Fargo)

The first of two ‘Hot Drawing’ announcements for Wednesday took place just before KYUK’s noon newscast.

Prizes and Winners:
Carhartt Active Jac (courtesy of Calista Corporation) – Lena Brink
ArXotica Anti-Aging Serum- Theresa Parks
$150 gift cert. for Crowley- Alice Maxie

Click here to be entered into the second “Hot Drawing” for Wednesday, October 15th!
(Drawing will be held during the KYUK evening newscast)