Manager’s Update

Last week KYUK provided live coverage of a meeting called by several tribes within the Association of Village Council Presidents. There was quite a bit of discussion that questioned and criticized the leadership practices of AVCP.

We received several comments about this broadcast. Most people were grateful they had an opportunity to listen to the meeting. Others felt it was inappropriate for us to air the event because it was not officially sanctioned by AVCP.

As a public broadcaster, with a Native Alaskan majority board, it our mission at KYUK to inform and educate the people of the YK Delta about issues affecting our region and tribes. We seek to connect you, our audience, with the important discussions of the day.

We do not endorse nor do we oppose the position of these tribal leaders, just like we don’t endorse or oppose the positions or leaders of other organizations we broadcast live. Our listeners are aware we air Bethel City Council meeting, Yukon Kuskokwim Health Corporation conventions, AVCP conventions, and Fish and Wildlife hearings. Senator Lisa Murkowski has hosted several field hearings in Bethel we’ve also carried live. All of these events we air without support or opposition to the viewpoints being expressed.

The alternative to broadcasting this meeting would have been to run our regular music programming throughout the day. We believe we are more valuable to the YK Delta by using our resources to bring you local public affairs.

Our goal at KYUK is to be an information intermediary, providing you, our audience, with diverse opinions on important issues. If we’re doing our job well, you should hear opinions you agree with and opinions you disagree with on our airwaves. We strive to bring you as much relevant information as we can, so you can form your own opinion.


Shane Iverson – Director of Content & Operations

We’re entering the final big push of the 2016 legislature.  One more time I’m writing to you all to ask for you to make one more series of short phone calls during the next two weeks to key legislators in the House and Senate to shore up the existing support in both chambers for the House budget amount of $2.68M in funding for public broadcasting.  In about two weeks the Conference Committee will be making a final decision on our funding: $2.68M or $0.0M or some amount in between.

House of Representatives:

Below is listed the nine member bipartisan group of Representatives that supported the restoration of funds in the House Finance Committee.  During the next two weeks please make a short call to each of them thanking them for restoring funding and to stress the importance of securing the $2.68M in Conference Committee:

Co-Chair Mark Neuman* 800-505-2678

Co-Chair Steve Thompson 877-465-3004

Vice Chair Dan Saddler  877-460-3783

Bryce Edgmon*  800-898-4451

Cathy Munoz*    800-968-6744

Lance Pruitt    888-478-3438

Les Gara   888-465-2647

David Guttenberg 800-928-4457

Scott Kawasaki   866-465-3466

*Sponsors of successful amendment to restore funds.

It’s also important to contact the following key House Majority members of both parties to encourage their support in Conference Committee for the funding levels that they have already approved in the House operating budget:

Mike Chenault  800-469-3779   House Speaker

Charisse Millett 888-269-3879  Majority Leader

Bob Herron  800-323-4942

Benjamin Nageak 888-288-3473

Neal Foster 800-478-3789

There were House Minority members who expressed their support for public broadcasting funding early in the session.  It’s important for them to receive calls to thank them for their support and to shore up that support as the Conference Committe and the final days of the session approach.  They need to understand how critical it is to secure the House funding level in Conference Committee:

Andy Josephson      800-465-4939

Harriet Drummond   800-922-3875

Geran Tarr               800-303-2455

Matt Claman            888-465-4919

Chris Tuck               866-465-2095

Adam Wool             866-465-4976

Sam Kito                 877-465-4766

Dan Ortiz                800-686-3824

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins 888-461-3732

Ivy Spohnholz         866-465-4940

The Senate:

The following four members of the Senate Finance Committee bipartisan group previously expressed support for restoring funds.  Please call each of them to thank them for their support and to stress the importance of secruing the funding amount already approved by the House in the upcoming Conference Committee:

Click Bishop         800-336-7383

Peter Micciche     800-964-5733

Lyman Hoffman   866-465-4453

Donny Olson       800-597-3707

It’s also important to contact the following key Senate Majority members to encourage their support in Conference Committee for the House funding levels:

Kevin Meyer  866-465-4945  Senate President

John Coghill 877-465-3719  Majority Leader

Lesil McGuire  800-365-2995

Bert Stedman 877-463-3873

Gary Stevens    800-821-4925

Phone calls are preferred but emails will also work.  If, when you call, you hear from a staff member, “yes, the [Senator/Representative] is supportive of the House budget number” then please express your thanks.

Your advocacy efforts on behalf of KYUK and public broadcasting have had a significant positive impact.  Your calls and emails helped get funding restored in the House. Your advocacy is important and is very much appreciated.

Thank you for your continued support for KYUK and public broadcasting across Alaska.

I want to thank all those in the YK Delta who took the time to contact the House and Senate Finance Committee members and Majority members over the past few week to express your concern about the proposed 100% cut to public radio and TV services, including to KYUK.  Your voices were heard in Juneau.  The House restored $2.6 million to public broadcasting in their operating budget bill.  However, the Senate held to it’s 100% funding cut in their version of the operating budget bill.  That means there will need to be an agreement reached in conference committee sometime in April.  This is a scenerio similar to last year.  As the legislative session moves forward I will be keeping you informed as to our funding situation and asking for your support through phone calls and emails as needed.

We are also in our Spring fund drive.  The focus is on the programming and services we provide for our young people.  These include broadcasts of Bethel Warrior basketball, the regional basketball tournaments and state championships; our Alexie Isaac Memorial Scholarship program for college students and our internship programs in coordination with the Kuskokwim Learning Academy and ONC.  You can make a contribution by clicking on the “Donate” button on our website homepage.

The deadline for filing for your PFD is March 31st.  When you file, consider making a donation to KYUK or another charitable organization through Pick Click Give.

As always, thanks for your continued support for KYUK and public media throughout Alaska.

Each year KYUK AM/FM/TV, like all public media stations across the country, receives substantial financial support from the Federal government through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting- CPB.

In order to comply with the requirements of our CPB grants, each year we produce reports that describe the local content and services we have provided to our community during the previous year. As a joint radio and television licensee, KYUK must prepare and present a report to the community on both our radio and our television services for the prior year.   In this article I will present some of the highlights of our local television services for 2015. This report is submitted to CPB and also must be posted on our station website.

For 45 years KYUK Radio and Television has shared the world with the people of the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta and shared the unique culture, lifestyle and issues of the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta’s people with the world.

In 2015, KYUK-TV continued the transmission of four digital channels of free over the air public television programming for the community of Bethel. These channels include PBS, the Alaska Rural Communication Service (ARCS), 360North/Gavel Alaska and a local message channel. This has been a key local service provided to the community of Bethel for 44 years.

On November 3rd 2015, a major fire destroyed the Kilbuck School, the first school built in Bethel more than 50 years ago. At the time of the fire the Ayaprun Elitnaurviat Yup’ik Immersion School and the Kuskokwim Learning Academy alternative high school shared the building. As soon as the fire was discovered, we at KYUK responded with all the media resources and assets at our disposal. We captured video and still photos of the fire and its aftermath. During the month of November we produced 18 news stories related to the fire that were broadcast on KYUK radio locally and statewide through the Alaska Public Radio Network (APRN).   All these stories were also published on the KYUK website. A Delta Affairs Weekly radio talk show featured school district officials discussing the Lower Kuskokwim School District’s response plans. Our comprehensive coverage disseminated news of this disaster across Alaska and beyond. The community, the school district and other media outlets across Alaska praised the depth and timeliness of our reporting on this catastrophic event.

Our USDA Rural Public Television Station Digital Transition Grant project continues to move forward according to schedule.   The construction and remodeling phase of the multimedia space was completed by late summer. We worked with our vendor, Advance Broadcast Solutions in Seattle, Washington, over the last four months of the year drawing up and finalizing the design plans for the new digital multimedia system. Equipment for this system has been selected. Procurement of the equipment has begun. The assembly, integration and testing of the system, including staff training, is scheduled to occur between April and May 2016. The equipment will then be prepared for barge delivery to Bethel in early June.   We took delivery of the low power TV channel 17 transmitter the end of May 2015. It will sign on the air following the installation of the multimedia broadcast and production equipment. The addition of this second transmitter will provide the community of Bethel with two additional over the air DTV channels with the potential to add two more channels in the future. Currently our main transmitter, channel 15, broadcasts PBS via Alaska Public TV on 15.1, the Alaska Rural Communication Service (ARCS) on 15.2, 360North from KTOO-TV, Juneau on 15.3 and local announcements and messages with our 640AM radio programming on15.4. The channel 17 transmitter will broadcast programming locally produced by KYUK on channel 17.1 and UATV via KUAC-TV, Fairbanks on 17.2. When this project is finally completed, this multimedia area will be able to provide programming over the air via our channel 15 and 17 low power transmitters and via broadband over the Internet. Our vision continues to be for KYUK to once again produce local program content in our community, for our community, our region and statewide while at the same time being an active partner in the training of the next generation of digital media creators in the YK Delta and beyond. We are beginning to fulfill this vision through a partnership with the Lower Kuskokwim School District’s College and Career Pathways Program. The curriculum for multimedia training is in its final draft. KYUK’s role in this partnership will be to offer a state of the art digital production facility for real world, hands on multimedia training for our local students.  Our measure of success for this project continues to be the extent to which we can sustain our partnership with LKSD, involve the community and extend this program to the other four regional school districts in the future.

The Alaska Public Television shared service partnership, between Alaska Public Media in Anchorage; KYUK-TV in Bethel and KTOO-TV in Juneau successfully completed its third year of operation.   Although KYUK is still not yet capable of providing much programming to this service we continue to provide a full PBS program schedule to the community of Bethel along with other relevant public programming like Gavel Alaska, the legislative information program broadcast by KTOO in Juneau during the legislative session. When we complete our digital multimedia project we will become a more active program provider to the shared TV service.

Our partnership with the Tundra Women’s Coalition working with their youth group, Teens Acting Against Violence (TAAV) continued during 2015. The current project continues to be to produce an interactive video program educating YK Delta teens on appropriate and healthy relationships. The program will be written, produced and acted by members of the TAAV teen group who will present this video program to their peers in communities throughout the YK Delta as part of their community outreach program. This project was in hiatus due to staffing changes at TWC. The production phase will continue during the spring and summer of 2016.

The House Administration Subcommittee closed out their budget recommendations. Rep. Gattis (R., Wassilla), proposed zero funding for public radio, public TV and the Alaska Public Broadcasting Commission- total elimination of funding in FY17. This would mean no State funds for public radio or public TV, including KYUK, and elimination of the ARCS system. In this time of fiscal crisis, there are some legislators who view public broadcasting as a non-essential service and therefore not worthy of State funding during this budget crisis. Attempts were made to zero out our State funding last year and that effort continues anew this year.

Photo by Dean Swope

KYUK broadcasts 640 AM, 90.3 FM, digial TV Channel 15 (15.1, 15.2, 15.3, 15.4), and analog TV Channel 21 (ARCS). Photo by Dean Swope.

The Subcommittee’s recommendation is now before the full House Finance Committee for consideration as HB256.

It’s critically important all House Finance Committee members and all House Majority members hear from supporters of public broadcasting as soon as possible over the next few days to let them know how important public broadcasting is to you and to our rural communities.

If you can, over the next few days please call House Finance Committee member and House Majority members to thoughtfully and politely express your concerns about a complete elimination of State support for public broadcasting. If you have time to call all of them, that would be great. If you only can call a handful or two or three that will also be very helpful. Calls are preferred but email is also an option.

Below are talking points for you to use if you want to do so and a list of House Finance Committee members and House Majority members with toll free phone numbers and the email address for the full House Finance Committee if you would rather send an email.

• Appreciate the difficult financial circumstances and decisions facing the legislature and thank them for their service to the state.
• A 100% cut will cause serious and permanent financial harm to KYUK and system wide.
Discuss impact to stations:
• Loss of all State funding will put KYUK and other stations at risk of losing federal matching grant funds. That would shut down KYUK and at least 9 other stations if it happened.
• Layoffs and corresponding loss of local services:
*Essential daily local, regional, state news and information.
*Essential local/community health, public safety, emergency information.
*Commercial broadcasters will not replace what KYUK does.
• The Internet is not local.
• Inability to recoup lost revenue through community resources alone.
• Inability to pay for satellite interconnection, APRN, NPR and other programs.
• A loss of this size will lead to a collapse of the entire public broadcasting system as stations become unable to sustain themselves without State support.
• Ask them if they support the proposed 100% cut.
• Be polite, respectful, direct and keep emotions in check and thank them for their time and service to the State.
Bethel LIO:

301 Willow Street Bethel, AK
Toll-Free: 855-543-3541; Phone 907-543-3541
Fax: 907-543-3542

Yukon-Kuskokwim Representatives:

Rep. Bob Herron
District: 38
Party: Democrat
State Capitol Room 406 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 800-323-4942; Phone: 907-465-4942
Fax: 907-465-4589

Sen. Lyman Hoffman
District: S
Party: Democrat
State Capitol Room 508
Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 866-465-4453; Phone: 907-465-4453
Fax: 907-465-4523

House Finance Committee Members:

Rep. Mark Neuman
District: 8
Party: Republican
State Capitol Room 505 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 800-505-2678; Phone: 907-465-2679
Fax: 907-465-4822

Rep. Steve Thompson
District: 2
Party: Republican
State Capitol Room 515 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 877-465-3004; Phone: 907-465-3004
Fax: 907-465-2070

Rep. Dan Saddler
District: 13
Party: Republican
State Capitol Room 513 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 877-460-3783; Phone: 907-465-3783
Fax: 907-465-2293

Rep. Bryce Edgmon
District: 37
Party: Democrat
State Capitol Room 410 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 800-898-4451; Phone: 907-465-4451
Fax: 907-465-3445

Rep. Lynn Gattis
District: 7
Party: Republican
State Capitol Room 500 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 800-782-4833; Phone: 907-465-4833
Fax: 907-465-4586

Rep. Cathy Muñoz
District: 34
Party: Republican
State Capitol Room 501 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 800-968-6744; Phone: 907-465-3744
Fax: 907-465-2273

Rep. Lance Pruitt
District: 27
Party: Republican
State Capitol Room 421 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 888-478-3438; Phone: 907-465-3438
Fax: 907-465-4565

Rep. Tammie Wilson
District: 3
Party: Republican
State Capitol Room 412 Juneau AK, 99801-1185
Toll-Free: 800-860-4797; Phone: 907-465-4797

Rep. Les Gara
District: 20
Party: Democrat
State Capitol Room 400 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 888-465-2647; Phone: 907-465-2647
Fax: 907-465-3518

Rep. David Guttenberg
District: 4
Party: Democrat
State Capitol Room 415 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 800-928-4457; Phone: 907-465-4457
Fax: 907-465-3519

Rep. Scott Kawasaki
District: 1
Party: Democrat
State Capitol Room 418 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 866-465-3466; Phone: 465-3466
Fax: 907-465-2937

Rep. Mike Hawker
District: 28
Party: Republican
State Capitol Room 502 Juneau AK, 99801
Toll-Free: 800-478-4950; Phone: 907-465-4949
Fax: 907-465-4979

*Gara, Guttenberg, and Kawasaki are not House Majority Members but they still need to hear from us.

Other House Majority Members:
Rep. Chenault Toll Free: 800-469-3779 House Speaker
Rep. Millet Toll Free: 888-269-3879
Rep. Foster Toll Free: 800-478-3789
Rep. Olson Toll Free: 800-463-2693
Rep. Stutes Toll Free: 800-865-2487
Rep. Talerico Toll Free: 800.491.4527
Rep. Colver Toll Free: 888-465-4859
Rep. Johnson Toll Free: 866-465-4993
Rep. Tilton Toll Free: 800.342.2199
Rep. Lynn Toll Free: 800-870-4931
Rep. Seaton Toll Free: 800-665-2689
Rep. Wilson Toll Free: 800-860-4797
Rep. Nageak Toll Free: 888-288-3473
Rep. LeDoux Toll Free: 800-689-4998
Rep. Keller Toll Free: 800-468-2186
Rep. Hughes Toll Free: 800-565-3743
Rep. Herron Toll Free: 800-323-4942
Rep. Vazquez Toll Free: 866.465.3892

Written testimony email address:

Thank you again for your support for KYUK and public broadcasting and for taking the time to express your support to legislators.

Mike Martz
General Manager

Each year KYUK Radio, like all public radio stations across the country, receives substantial financial support from the Federal government through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting- CPB.

In order to comply with the requirements of our CPB grants, each year we produce a report that describes the local content and services we have provided to our community during the previous year. This report is submitted to CPB and also must be posted on our station website.

Below are of the highlights of our local radio services for 2015.

In 2015 KYUK’s main radio service, 640 AM, had a total of 8,760 programming and production hours. These hours included:

  • 4,667 hours of music programming
  • 702 hours of local arts and cultural programming
  • 2,978 hours of local news and public affairs programming
  • 185 hours of national news and public affairs programming
  • 228 hours of other local programming and productions

Our goal is to inform our audience about issues of importance and consequence to the people living in, and from, the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta.   We identify many of our community issues by participating in the community and listening to feedback. Through our call-in programs we gain an understanding of what issues our community is thinking about and also, formally through our community advisory board and through our online news tip button which allows anyone to quickly send us information, comments or their thoughts or opinions.

Programs of special interest during this year include:

  • K300: Complete Coverage
  • Training session with LKSD e-journalism students for K300
  • Betel Warrior Basketball: Season Coverage
  • Village Basketball Tournaments
  • Bethel City Council Candidates Forum
  • Annual KYUK Fall Fundraiser
  • Fall Fundraiser Village Showdown Competition
  • Calista Corporation monthly call-in program
  • AFN Convention: Live Coverage
  • Live coverage of BRHS wrestling tournaments
  • Live broadcast of AVCP convention
  • Live call-in program on Kuskokwim King Salmon management
  • Live broadcast of YKHC’s annual Tribal Gathering

 Our approach is to give our community access to our distribution platforms by airing community messages several times daily, free of charge, and by encouraging people and organizations that are engaged in noteworthy community activities and initiatives to distribute their information to the public using public media. We are also working in partnership with our local school district, LKSD, on media career pathways for local, primarily Yup’ik students, in an effort to improve the cultural relevance of KYUK and “grow our own” future media professionals.

Public Media

Our partnerships with Alaska Public Media and Alaska Public Broadcasting Inc includes administrative support, shared statewide news and cultural programming and ongoing discussions about efficiency and cost cutting measures.

KCUK, Chevak – KYUK provides this smaller public radio station with local news, information and sports content on a daily basis.

Our partnership with Coast Alaska includes shared administrative support, fund raising support and grant reporting support.


 Our formal feedback comes from our Community Advisory Board. Through their meetings they tell us we have done a good job of informing the public about important issues in our region. This year they were particularly concerned with making sure we covered local police practices, and the recovery effort of the local school district following a fire that destroyed the school grounds for two schools and a preschool. They tell us our coverage was timely and comprehensive. As retired Bethel educator Gary Baldwin put it, “In my 34 years as an educator in the YK Delta, I have seen tremendous value in the media services KYUK provides for educating and informing the people of our region.”


 We regularly broadcast in Central Yup’ik Eskimo, in addition to English. Our board of directors is majority Alaska Native and our Community Advisory board is almost half Alaska Native.   We broadcast our local news in Yup’ik three times daily, Monday through Friday. We produce a Yup’ik word of the week segment airing three times a day, Monday through Friday.

We host two weekly shows in Yup’ik:

  • Yuk-to-Yuk, “Person to Person”, is a free format call in show where callers can discuss any issues they feel are important to the region.
  • Ketvvarluku, “Let’s Make it Clear,” takes a deep look at one issue in particular. Episodes in FY2015 covered topics including climate change affecting traditional hunting and gathering, and the proposed Donlin Gold Mine environmental impact statement process.

Yupik Language at the Polls:

The State of Alaska has been ordered by courts to improve their election materials for Yup’ik speakers. KYUK does its part to make sure voters are informed by providing added value to Election PSA’s, ensuring that election information receives more than adequate airtime so that our Yup’ik audience is fully informed.

We continue to broadcast Native America Calling to keep our Alaska Native community engaged in and informed about issues, topics and problems discussed nationally across Indian Country.


 As a small public media station serving a predominately minority audience in one of the most remote regions of the country, KYUK continues to be a prime example of the original intent of public broadcasting’s mission to bring non-commercial, educational media to minority, underserved and unserved rural communities across the nation. Our CPB Community Service Grant and Rural Service Grant account for more than 50% of our operating revenue. These funds help pay for program acquisition, staff salaries and operation expenses that allow us to provide local programming to fulfill our mission to our audience. A reduction in our grant amounts would result in eliminating staff positions from our already understaffed station resulting in reduced broadcast hours severely restricting our ability to serve the communities in our region. Elimination of our CPB funding would result in having to shut down our radio service all together. Costs for goods and services such as electricity and heating oil are higher than anywhere in the Lower 48 states (including Hawaii). Communities in this region of Alaska are very rural, not connected by road, too economically depressed and too sparsely populated for us to be able to raise sufficient operating and capital revenue through local fundraising efforts alone.

Déjà Vu Again

by Mike Martz on December 18, 2015

Governor Walker recently released his FY17 state budget proposal and, to quote the late baseball great Yogi Berra, it’s déjà vu all over again. The State’s fiscal crisis shows no signs of abating, so more cuts to state departments and services will be the order of the day.

The legislature convenes on January 19th.   It’s more than likely that in the their deliberations on this thorny and serious dilemma members of the House and Senate will be proposing even deeper cuts to state departments and services than those proposed by the Governor. So we’ll need to tighten our belts even more than we had to do last year.

Like last year, the Public Communications Services component of the Department of Administration, which includes public radio and television, is a target for another round of budget reductions. In the governor’s proposal, public radio receives a cut of just under 27% amounting to $750,000 system wide. Public TV takes a cut of just over 5% or $33,300 system wide. The Senate and House finance committees will be examining Walker’s proposed budget and deciding on their own spending reduction levels at the same time. At this early date, it is impossible to predict what those reductions will look like.

Both the House and Senate finance subcommittees are comprised of the same members as last year. Last year both subcommittees started out recommending higher reductions to the public media system than the governor proposed. The same will most likely happen again this year. So, we in the public media system are preparing for a similar or even more drastic reduction. Station managers and public media system leaders have already begun meeting to plan our strategy for making the case once again that our local services are essential to our communities and to the state as a whole. We understand that in these tough fiscal times sacrifices are necessary and we expect to do our part. However, we also feel that a cut of more than $783,000 as proposed by the governor, or an even high amount expected to be proposed by the legislature, will begin to erode the public media system to the point that local services to our communities will be seriously compromised.

As the legislative session draws nearer, I will be continuing to work with public medial leaders from across the state to fine tune our response to what we expect will be another extremely difficult budget year.   As this process moves forward, I will once again call on you, KYUK’s loyal supporters and local champions, to step forward and advocate for stable funding for your local community public media station.

Thank you for your continued support of KYUK, public media for the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta.

We Made It…Thanks to You!

by Mike Martz on October 20, 2015

exploding-thermometerThanks to the generousity of all of you, our devoted and loyal listeners and viewers, we reached our fundraising goal of $28,000 on Saturday October 17th.

The traditions of giving and sharing run deep in the YK Delta.  I am always humbled by the extent of the financial support we receive each year from all of you across the Delta.  Even in these tough economic times, you step up and contribute to your public media station, KYUK. Read more →

October is fundraising time here at KYUK.   We launched our annual membership drive last week with the goal of raising $28,000 through individual contributions from devoted and loyal listeners like you.

Our goal this year is 12-percent above what we asked of our members last year. This year the state cut funding to public media by 23% in the face of a 3.5 billion dollar budget deficit resulting from decreased oil production and low oil prices.   Fiscal experts agree the state will continue to cut spending over the coming years.   We’re looking to recover at least a portion of the funds that were cut by the State through your generous contributions.

In the face of this drop in State funding we have reduced our content staff  by two positions.   We’re managing to make up for this staffing reduction by working more efficiently as a team to keep the impact to our programming and services to a minimum.

There will come a point, however, when additional cuts in funding will begin to affect our services in a noticeable way despite our best efforts to mitigate the impact.   That’s why your contributions are especially important in these difficult economic times.

When you give to KYUK, your public media station, we put your donation directly to work on the services you have come to rely on including news, weather, local announcements, music, talk shows and national programs like All Things Considered.    Your contributions in any amount are greatly appreciated.

You can make a donation on our website,, by clicking on the “Donate” button on our homepage. While you’re on the website check out the list of thank you gifts and grand prize drawing items including two round trip tickets on Alaska Airlines. You can also call 543-3131 to make your pledge. The fundraiser runs through Friday October 16th.

Thank you for your continued support of KYUK, public media for the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta.

Lakeidra PicKYUK is welcoming Lakeidra Chavis to our station and the YK Delta as a temporary reporter.

Lakeidra is a recent graduate of the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and former intern at KTOO Public Radio in Juneau where she comes highly recommended.

Her work has focused primarily on social inequality. She has reported on homeless populations in Florida and coffee production in the villages of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains. Chavis has also produced work for the Anchorage Press and Alaska Commons.

Chavis will study abroad in the spring but was able to help KYUK fill-in temporarily following the departure of reporter Ben Matheson and former News Director Daysha Eaton.

Matheson himself came to KYUK as a temporary reporter but stayed for two years. He has moved to Anchorage to work on a mapping project with the University of Alaska.

Daysha Eaton is taking a position as news director at KBBI public radio in Homer, Alaska.

KYUK has also hired Anna Rose MacArthur, formerly of KNOM, Nome, as a news reporter.   She will start work on September 21.