Manager’s Update

Last Saturday, October 12th, we reached our fundraiser goal of $20,000.  It was a very gratifying moment for myself and all the staff here at KYUK to see the level of support that poured out of Bethel and from across the Y/K Delta for your local public media station, especially in these tough economic times.

It’s been even more astounding to see the pledges continue to roll in even after our goal was met. As I write this our giving has reached over $26,000.

The extent of the financial commitment to local public radio made it clear to us that you value the work we do each day and how important this work is for all of you, our listeners.

I want to thank everyone who donated a portion of their hard earned money, no matter how small the amount, to help keep our services alive and thriving.

I want to thank our corporate donors especially Alaska Airlines, GCI, Calista Corporation and Donlin Gold for their contributions.

I also want to thank the many local businesses that donated goods and services as incentive gifts for our raffles and auctions.  Your generosity is a a tribute to your community spirit and commitment to your local public media station, KYUK.

Congratulations, also, to all our grand prize winners and the entire village of Kwethluk who’s generosity earned them the first ever Village Showdown Title.

Once again, you , the people of Bethel and the Y/K Delta,  demonstrated that you are among the most generous and community spirited folks in the world.

Quyana caknak!!


Our Fall Membership Fundraiser is off to a fantastic start. We’ve passed the $12,000 mark and still have over a week left to make our goal of $20,000. Thank you to all our generous supporters.

We have another round of drawings coming up plus our grand prize drawing on the last day of the fundraiser, October 16th. Everyone who had made a membership donation will be entered in this drawing for some great prizes including 25,000 Alaska Airlines Miles, a round trip ticket on Alaska Airlines and more.

You can make a donation and see all these prizes on our Fundraiser Page.

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge and thank our volunteers who donate their time and talents to KYUK. We have eight volunteers with radio shows: Mark Osterman, “The Music You Live”;  Shannon cogan and James Wayne;  “Rough Tunes for Smooth Folks”;  Brian Berube, “Stinkhead Stew”;  Thomas Aliberti, “Sound Safari”;  Josie Stern, “Outside the Box”;  our own Ryan Shore with “Saturday Sessions”;  Dexter Kairaiuak, “Dexter’s Lab” and Jean Brinich, our longest serving volunteer, with “Classical Sundays”.

We have five volunteers who host talk shows. Zach Fansler, Joe Moses and Diane McEachern are the hosts of Talkline on Friday mornings. Fran Reich continues to be a substitute host for Talkline. Fritz Charles hosts the Monday Yup’ik talk show,  Yuk To Yuk.

And in addition to those folks, Tina Powers, Carolyne Moses, Monica Sheldon, Jenni Dobson and Quentin Simeon lend their voices to recording public service announcements and promos on an as needed basis.

We’re always looking for more people interested and willing to donate their time and talents to support KYUK.  There are ways to help that don’t require being live on the air, so if you’re interested, don’t be shy, give us a call.

Thanks to all our financial supporters and our volunteers for donating some of their hard earned money, time and talents to help keep local public media in Bethel and the Y/K Delta truely local.


Friday August 2nd,  the deadline for applying for the Alexie Isaac Memorial Scholarship, is just over two weeks away!

If you are a hard working collage student from any community within the KYUK listening area in the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta or Bethel apply for a scholarship now.    If you know a hard working college student from the YK Delta or Bethel encourage him or her to apply.

In September the KYUK board of directors will select three students to receive a $1,000 scholarship award thanks to the generosity of our listeners during our Spring Fund Drive.

Information and application forms can be found on the KYUK website on the  Scholarship page.

Don’t delay, apply today!

Here Come The Fish

by Mike Martz on June 10, 2013

The river ice is gone.  The flooding has subsided.  People along the Kuskokwim are getting their fish camps set up for another  season.   Lots of nets are in the water in anticipation of the beginning of the salmon runs.  Everyone is looking forward to that first delicious taste of fresh King salmon… I know I am.

Along with all the usual seasonal preparations for another subsistence harvest, there’s a lot of concern about the status of our Kuskokwim salmon runs, especially about Kings.

The discussions and debate and concern about the expected numbers of Kings returning this year has already begun.  KYUK has  broadcast two talk/call in radio shows, on May 31st and June 7th, featuring representatives from the Salmon Mangement Working Group, the Department of Fish & Game and the US Fish & Wildlife Service.  Another talk/call in show will air  on Thursday June 13 at 10am with a rebroadcast that night at 7pm.  This one will be entirely in Yup’ik.

Our news department will be following the often complicated, often changing and sometimes confusing list of fishing regulations, restrictions and closures as they are developed and released to the public.  You can count our our news reporters to keep you informed  with the most up to date news and information on the status of the King run, susbistence openings and closures and all fishing news throughout the summer.

In addition, this summer our radio staff is announcing fishing regulations for both the Kuskokwim and Yukon rivers as they are updated and released.  Kuskokwim fishing regulations are announced at 8:50am and 12:50pm Monday through Friday and at 10:05am on Saturday and Sunday.    Yukon fishing regulations are announced at 7:50pm seven days a week.

Fishing news and information will also be posted to our website

You can count on your local public radio station to provide you with the most complete, up to date and timely information regarding all things related to fishing on the Kuskokwim.

We wish everyone a safe and successful harvest.

Thanks for your support of local public media in the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta.

Breakup on Alaska’s rivers is always hard to predict and this year it seems to be particularly hard to do.  The Kuskokwim and the Yukon are both still solid and even in the upriver sections that see the first signs of thawing the spring meltdown is moving at a snails pace.

No matter when breakup does occur, you can count on KYUK to be your “go to” source on the air and on line for up to date information on ice conditions, the progress of breakup, ice jams and potential flooding.

Our news and radio staff work closely with state hydrologists and emergency managers; our local meterologists with the National Weather Service; Earl Samuelson, the pilot for the Alaska State Troopers, who provides us with detailed river watch aerial reports; Bethel Search and Rescue volunteers and our many contacts in villages up and down the Kuskokwim and on the Yukon who provide us with local information on breakup conditions in and around their communities.

KYUK has been keeping watch  on breakup for 42 years.  We take our responsibility to provide timely, up to date and accurate river breakup reports very seriously.

You can count on us to once again keep you all informed and updated on this year’s breakup…whenever it finally does happen.

Thanks for your support of public media for Bethel and the YK Delta.

KYUK News received seven Alaska Press Club awards last month for achievement in a number of radio news catagories.

John Active received a first place award in the Best Profile catagory for his profile of the late Buster Richardson.

Mark Arehart received three second place awards and one third place award.  His storyon the Akiak erosion disaster won a second place in the single story catagory;  his story on low Yukon River King salmon returns took second place in the best radio feature catagory and he received a second place in best education reporting for his story on hybrid schools.  Mark also received a third place award for best single story reporting for his story of Middle Kuskokwim residents’ fears about the loss of their subsistence culture.

News director Angela Denning-Barnes took home two second place awards, for crime/court reporting on the Kaiser murder trial and for sports reporting on Rohn Buser winning the Kuskokwiim 300 Sled Dog Race.

Congratulations to all for their award winning work.

If you are a hard working collage student from any community within the KYUK listening area in the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta or Bethel apply now for the Alexie Isaac Memorial Scholarship.    If you know a hard working college student from the YK Delta or Bethel encourage him or her to apply now.

In September of every year the KYUK board of directors selects two hard working students to receive a $1,000 scholarship award.

This year,  thanks to the generosity of our listeners during our Spring Fund Drive, we are able to offer a third $1,000 scholarship.  That means three students could get $1,000 each for the coming school year’s expenses.

The deadline to apply is August 1st.

August 1st may seem far away but it’s only four months from now and the time will fly by fast.

Information and application forms can be found on the KYUK website on the  Scholarship page.

Don’t delay, apply today!



Our Spring Fund Drive ended Wednesday March 20th just short of our $5,000 goal by only a few hundred dollars.  Althogether, through the continuing generousity of you, our loyal listeners, we raised $4,236!

To all of you who donated I extend a big QUAYANA on behalf of the rest of the KYUK staff and our board of directors.

With these additional funds we will be able to offer a third $1,000 scholarship this year to a deserving Y/K Delta college student.  The balance of these funds will go to pay programming and transmission costs incurrred bringing you the conference and state high school basketball championships with a little left over for “seed money” for next year’s high school basketball March Madness.

Congratulations to our top prize winners:

20,000 Alaska Airlines miles from GCI- Tracy Horn
Round-Trip ticket from Grant Aviation-Bobby Japhet
Round-Trip ticket from Era Alaska- Scott Kinegak
Round-Trip ticket from Alaska Airlines- Chloe Wurr

You can see a complete list of all the prize winners on our website by clicking Here.

Finally I want to also extend a big QUYANA to the local and statewide businesses who generously donated goods or services for our prize drawings: Alaska Airlines, ERA Alaska, GCI, Grant Aviation, AVCP, Donlin Gold, ONC, Yup’ik Way, Malone Insurance, the Long House Bethel Hotel, Arctic Chiropractic, KC Supply, AVCP RHA, CVRF, LKSD, Yute Air, The Lumber Yard, KuC, Yuut Yaqangviat Flight School, Yuut Elitnaurviat, Bethel Car Rental, Qinarmiut Tuntutuliak Corporation and FNBAlaska.

Thank you all for your support and thanks to all our listeners for supporting local public media for the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta.

Our spring fund drive is coming to an end.  I want to thank all our loyal listeners who have already made a contribution to support KYUK and local public media for Bethel and the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta.  So far we’ve raised close to $3,800.

Wednesday the 20th we will hold our final drawing for prizes.  Everyone who has made a donation anytime during the past two weeks will have their names in the hat for some great prizes.  The grand prize is a round trip travel certificate donated by Alaska Airlines.  This certificate is valued at $1,250 and is valid for one year on either Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air.  Our sincere thanks to Alaska Airlines for their generous support.

So don’t miss out on a chance at this grand prize or the other terrific prizes being given away on Wednesday.

The easiest way to make sure you have a chance at the grand prize is to visit KYUK on line and click on the Donate button.

Thanks for your support of public media in the Y/K Delta.

We’re just moving into the second week of our Spring Fund Drive.  So far we’ve raised over $1,000 on our way to reaching our goal of $5,000.  Thanks to those listeners who have pledged and paid their donations.  We had our first drawing for gifts for all those who paid their donations on line or in person during the first week of our drive.  There were a lot of items like jackets, backpacks, T shirts and caps given away.  The big gift was a $25 gift card from First National Bank Alaska.  We want to thank AVCP, AVCP Regional Housing Authority, CVRF, Donlin Gold, LKSD, KuC , Yuut Yaqangviat Flight School and First National Bank Alaska for their support.

Next Monday, March 18th, there will be another drawing for more gifts for all those listeners who donate by the end of next week.  There will be more great give away items including a second $25 gift card from First National Bank Alaska.

Then on Wednesday March 20th we will hold our final drawing for all donors during the previous two weeks up to March 20th.  On the list of gifts are a 20,000 Alaska Airlines mileage certificate donated by GCI, one round trip ticket anywhere ERA Alaska flies including Anchorage and one round trip ticket anywhere Grant Aviation flies.

The focus of this drive is our programs and services for the youth of our communities.  These include our Alexie Isaac Memorial Scholarship, our basketball coverage of regional and state small schools championships and our student intern program in partnership with the Kuskokwim Learning Academy.  If any or all of these programs are important to you, if local public radio is important to you, please take a moment to visit KYUK on line to click on the Donate button, call 543-0244 during regular business hours or stop by the station in person to make a donation.

Public radio is your radio.  Your partnership is vital in keeping the local KYUK public media programming and services you rely on alive and well in Bethel and the Y/K Delta.

Thanks for your support of local public media.