Manager’s Update

Once again the Kuskokwim 300 proved to be an unpredictable and exciting event and KYUK was proud to provide comprehensive race coverage all weekend from the moment the mushers left the start line on Friday night until they returned to the finish line KYUK’s team of reporters and announcers brought you all the action as it unfolded.

An event like the Kuskokwim 300 spotlights the importance and relevance of local public radio staffed by people who live in the community they serve.  I want to thank all our dedicated staff and volunteers for all their hard work keeping our listeners updated on the radio and on our website with the latest race information.  I especially want to thank our volunteers who worked behind the scenes keeping our staff supplied with delicious food throughout the weekend.

I also want to thank our underwriters for this year’s race.  The businesses that provided financial support,  goods or services include: Donlin Gold, Bethel Card Rental, the Bethel Native Corporation, the Valcarcie Law Office, Bethel Alaska PC, ID Variety, Sammy’s Market, Swanson’s Store, GCI and Corina’s Caselot.  Thank you all for your generous support.

We’ll be looking forward to next year’s race and improving on our coverage.

Thanks for your support of public radio in the Y/K Delta and when you file your PFD or even if you  have already filed consider making a Pick Click Give donation to KYUK.

The 2013 Kuskokwim 300 Sled Dog Race is fast approaching.   January 18th to the 20th are the dates.  This is always an exciting three day event  where fierce competition and challenging weather greet await some of the Alaska’s and the world’s best dog mushers along with a field of local racers in a slate of races where the unpredictable is the norm.

Here at KYUK we are gearing up to provide comprehensive, up to the minute coverage of the Kuskokwim 300, Bogus Creek 150 and the Akiak Dash on the radio and on our website.

We have a coordinated plan to gather interviews, musher profiles, photos and the starting order for both the K300 and Bogus 150 races.  Listen for musher profiles and interviews on 640AM and on the KYUK  website throughout the weekend.

Our live race coverage kicks off Friday January 18th at 4:30pm leading up to the Bogus Creek race start set for 5pm.  At 6pm the Kuskokwim 300 Pre-Race Show begins.  Mushers leave the chute at 6:30 and KYUK will be there on 640AM and online bringing you all the action.

Then stay tuned to 640AM or online at the KYUK website all through Saturday as the Bogus Creek 150 racers cross the finish line.  Live coverage of the 2PM Akiak Dash mass start begins at 1:30 with more live coverage of the Dash race finish Saturday night.

Throughout the weekend follow your favorite musher and keep up with the latest information on the trail with our hourly updates beginning Friday night,  continuing through Saturday, Saturday night and again on Sunday.  KYUK reporter Mark Arehart and Will Peterson of public station KTNA, Talkeetna will be on the trail feeding live reports from Kalskag and Tuluksak.

KYUK will be on the riverfront in Bethel to bring you live coverage of the exciting end of the Kuskokwim 300 as the winner crosses the finish line on Sunday.

Keep your radio tuned to KYUK 640AM and your browser pointed to the KYUK website and  Facebook page,  your  source for up to the minute Kuskokwim 300 race coverage.

Thank you for your support of public media for Bethel and the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta.

2013 is here and will bring with it a variety of new opportunities and challenges to us as we continue to work hard to bring you the best public media services and programming we can with the resources we have available to us.

Probably the biggest challenge we will face this year will be maintaining and improving our programs and services in the face of steadily rising costs and potential decreases in funding, particularly our federal grants.  This is a problem facing not only public media stations but all nonprofit organizations in Alaska.

I can assure you that we will meet these funding challenges head on, doing what is necessary to keep and improve the radio, on line and TV programs and services you have come to expect from KYUK.  Being of service to our local communities and fulfilling our mission to educate and inform, provide cultural enrichment and opportunities for public access will always be our number one priority.

January also is the start of the Permanent Fund dividend application period.  KYUK is a PickClickGive organization again for 2013. When you apply for your Permanent Fund dividend consider making a donation to KYUK.  We thank those individuals who generously donated a portion of their dividend to us last year.  Donating to organizations and causes you believe in through PickClickGive is an easy and affordable way to help make good things happen across Alaska.

I wish all our listeners and viewers a very happy and prosperous new year from all of us at KYUK.


Happy Holidays from KYUK

by Shane Iverson on November 1, 2012

Recently KYUK was honored as the 2012 Business of the Year by the Bethel Search and Rescue group at their November fiddle dance fundraiser.  The award was for our support of search and rescue operations through news coverage, on air announcements and behind the scenes support of their fundraising activities.  We were humbled and privilaged to receive this award.   However, these services we provide to organizations like Bethel Search and Rescue are a major part of our mission  of service to  the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim region.  We do what we do in the spirit of public service to our community.  That’s why we’re here and that’s also why your support is so valuable and vital to our mission.

So, once again, I want to thank all our supporters who contributed a portion of their hard earned cash to our Fall fundraiser held in October.  Your financial support is a demonstration of your confidence in our ability to provide programming and services on the radio, on television and over the Internet that you value and have come to rely on.  Your  gifts help ensure KYUK is there for all of our listeners across the Yukon – Kuskokwim Delta everyday.  Thank you.

Finally,  I extend to all of our listeners, viewers and supporters from the KYUK board of directors, the staff and myself  our wishes for a peaceful, joyous and safe holiday season.








Thanks to all of our loyal supporters we are nearing our $10,000 goal for our Fall Fundraiser.

Our  final  fundraiser drawing will be held on November 1st.  Anyone with a paid pledge received by October 31st will be entered in the final drawing for thank you gifts like a round trip ERA ticket, 20,000 Alaska Airline miles, gift cards from Crowley and Swansons Store, a night at the Napaimute Cabins and many more.

Don’t miss out on these great drawings.  Make your donation on line at, over the phone by calling 543-0244 or in person at the KYUK studio.  We appreciate your support.

If you call in and get voicemail leave your contact information and one of our staff will call you back.

Thanks to all the businesses and organizations who donated items for our drawings and a big thank you to all our listeners who support public media on the YK Delta.  Quayana.

Today, Monday October 15th,  is the kick off of KYUK’s annual Fall Fundraiser that will run through Monday October 29th.

Our goal is to raise $10,000 .

We have a variety of  KYUK incentive gifts available to thank supporters for their contributions including KYUK tee shirts, mugs, DVDs and other items.  There will be a drawing for a chance for a round trip ticket anywhere ERA flies, auction items like cell phones and fuel cards and much more.

Stop by the station to visit, have a cup of coffee or even spend a little time on the air talking about what KYUK means to you and why it’s worth supporting.

Donations can be made in person, by phone at 543-0244 and through the “donate” button on our website at

Local financial support is critical to our ability to continue to bring our community together, provide a lifeline of communication, news and entertainment over the air and through our website as we have been doing for the past 40 years.

We thank all our listeners for their past support of KYUK  and we hope you will continue to partner with us in keeping public media alive and well on the YK Delta.


A Change of Season

by Mike Martz on September 21, 2012

Frosty mornings and flocks of geese, ducks and swans winging their way south signal the end of another busy…and wet…summer.  Here at KYUK we’ve also been busy and are looking forward to even busier times ahead.

Our news department continues to work diligently to report on the events and activities important to our listeners all across the Delta, from the fishery disaster to the Bethel airport runway reconstruction and everything in between.

After many months of hard work, our radio crew is nearly ready to launch new program schedules on both 640 AM and 90.3 FM.  More music variety, new programming, including local shows, and more live DJ time on the air are coming up in early October.  Stay tuned.

On the 15th of October we launch our Fall Radio Fundraiser.  Our goal this year is $10,000.  We’ll have a number of great  thank you gifts available including a drawing for round trip tickets to Anchorage.  There’ll be auctions and give aways and special guest appearances on the radio.   Be sure to tune in, starting Monday October 15th on 640 AM.

October is also Permanent Fund Dividend time and the Pick Click Give program is a great way to share a portion of your PFD with non-profit organizations that are important to you.  KYUK is on the Pick Click Give list again this year. If public media is important to you, I hope you will consider a donation to KYUK.  For those who donated to us last year through Pick Click Give, thank you.

And thank you all for your continued support of public media for the Yukon/Kuskokwim Delta.






The record low return of Kuskokwim King salmon is historic in its scope and impact on subsistence fishing. This unprecedented event is the top concern across the YK Delta.  KYUK news has been on top of this story from the beginning working hard to keep our listeners informed.  You can rely on KYUK’s news team to continue to work hard every day bringing you breaking news and accurate, up to date reporting as this situation continues to unfold.

Along with our news reporting, we have hosted three call in radio shows on 640 AM in the past two weeks focused exclusively on Kuskokwim King salmon conservation. Guests included representatives of the Alaska Department Fish & Game, the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Kuskokwim Salmon Management Working Group. Each show fielded many calls from listeners across the region expressing their opinions and concerns on the current situation. The third show, on Thursday June 21st, was a two hour program with Yup’ik translation included. It also generated many calls. Both the June 18th and 21st programs are available on our website,

Our radio tee shirt design contest was a great success. Congratulations to Daisy Thompson for submitting the winning design. Daisy won a round trip ticket to Anchorage courtesy of ERA Alaska and two tee shirts. These shirts will be available at the KYUK booth as the premium gift for a special July 4th fundraising event.  Stay tuned for more details on our July 4th event.

The transition to our digital transmitter, KYUK-LD, is now complete and, in spite of the short notice of the switch as a result of the sudden failure of our analog transmitter, the transition seemed to go well. Viewers I’ve spoken with are pleased with the additional channels and the improved picture quality. I thank our loyal Bethel public TV viewers for their patience during that transition period.

Finally, public television viewers here in Bethel will see a change in public TV on July 1st, with the launch of a new statewide service called Alaska Public Television. This new service will originate from KAKM-TV in Anchorage and replaces Alaska One as KUAC/UAF returns to its roots as a stand alone station serving Fairbanks and Interior Alaska communities after providing the statewide public TV service for the past 16 years. More information is available on the Television page. on our website.

Thank you for your continued support of public media for the YK Delta. I wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer.

KYUK channel 15 will begin broadcasting a digital (DTV) signal on Friday May 18th.  This change was scheduled for July 2nd but the unexpected failure of our old channel 15 analog transmitter has forced us to make this change immediately.

This change brings to our over the air television viewers in Bethel greatly improved picture quality and the availability of 4 channels of programming instead of the single channel that used to be available.

The new channels are:

15.1  Alaska One public television

15.2 ARCS

15.3 360North

15.4 KYUK Bethel

Both older analog television sets and new digital ready television sets can receive these new channels.

Download  our  How To Guide to find out how to set up your television set to receive these new signals on channel 15.

KYUK has a limited number of digital to analog converter boxes and antennas for sale at cost.

For additional information or assistance call Joe Seibert, Chief Engineer, at 543-0237.

As the weather warms and the snow melts bringing a welcomed change to Bethel and the Delta we here at KYUK are hard at work on a major upgrade to our over the air television broadcast service.

Our chief engineer, Joe Seibert, is in the process of installing a new low power digital television transmitter for channel 15 to replace the analog transmitter we are currently using for over the air broadcast of public television programming from Alaska ONE.

This new digital transmitter will be capable of broadcasting four separate programming streams instead of the single programming stream we are currently able to broadcast.  These four program streams will include a statewide public television program schedule, ARCS programming, the 360 North Alaskan programming channel from KTOO-TV, Juneau and a local KYUK-TV program channel.

Our over the air television viewers in Bethel will notice a significant improvement in picture quality with these digital TV signals.  Another advantage is the inclusion of 360 North, a program now only available in Bethel through GCI cable subscription.  We also plan to broadcast local KYUK programs on the fourth channel as our resources allow, bringing back a local TV presence to Bethel once again.

In order to receive these digital signals viewers will need either a digital ready television set and an indoor antenna or, for older analog television sets, both a digital converter box and indoor antenna.   We have acquired a small stock of both antennas and converter boxes for viewers to purchase at cost in order to equip their television sets to receive the new digital signals.

Coming soon to our website will be instructions on connecting converter boxes and antennas including a short “how to” video program outlining the process.  We will also offer a “hands on” demonstration of the process in our studio for anyone interested in attending in person and we will be available for consultation and assistance by telephone and email.

If the installation and licensing goes according to schedule, we should begin broadcasting these over the air digital TV signals in about two months time.  At that time our analog channel 15 transmitter will be shut down.

We thank Donlin Gold for their generous donation to this project.

We here at KYUK are very excited about this new enhancement to our over the air television services and are looking forward to bringing digital television to public TV viewers in Bethel.