GCI is facing a lawsuit filed by customers in Bethel and along the Kuskokwim. The suit alleges that the communications company has been ripping off customers in the Y/K Delta. Read more →

Fleener and Walker in Bethel. Photo by Ben Matheson / KYUK.

Fleener and Walker in Bethel. Photo by Ben Matheson / KYUK.

Bill Walker and Craig Fleener are campaigning as independent candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. They visited Bethel last month.

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Bethel is holding its version of ‘Honoring Our Children Day’ on Saturday (4/26) at the Cultural Center from 1 to 6pm. KYUK’s Daysha Eaton has this preview.

Donna Bach is helping organize the event that puts kids at the center of a day in Bethel. She says communities in the Y/K Delta region need more opportunities to honor children.

“Outside of just attending a basketball game or outside of you know passing them by on a school yard. And I think that this is an opportunity or an event to engage with young people. The real intent is actually to have youth led activities, give them creative space to create what they want to do, cause I think youth in our communities actually have a lot of lessons to teach us,” said Bach.

In March, Alaska Federation of Natives announced April 26th as ‘Honoring Our Children Day”. The day sprung from call to action at their annual gathering in Fairbanks.

The Alaska Native led, grassroots initiative will be taking place in communities around the state. The goal is to bring Alaskans together to raise strong, culturally connected, empowered, and loved children, according to a press release from AFN. Bach says the day will be full of a variety of opportunities to connect with kids in healthy ways.

“They’ll be photo booths. They’ll be interactive games, maybe language games. They’ll be stage performances, open mic, we’re hoping to musicians, live musicians perform, the Bethel PRIDE group, the Teens Acting Against Violence group – they’ll probably perform some skits. So there’s a long sort of agenda. But hopefully a compact opportunity for people to involve themselves and just have fun,” said Bach.

Stephanie Moses is also helping organize the event. She says the day is more than just fun and games though. It’s a day for family members to stand with children.

“On Saturday we really want there to be activities that the kids would really have fun with. Things that, not only remind them that they’re a kid but that they are worthy of our attention as a community. This is a statewide event so there are gonna be other communities around the state who are going to be doing similar activities really using it as an opportunity to really showcase our appreciation for our children,” said Moses

High Schooler Mike Bialy, a member the Bethel PRIDE dance group who will be performing at the event says it’s important that kids don’t feel alone.

“From personal experience, I know what it’s like to kind of be rejected and you just think you’re alone. And I really wish that I had somebody that I could go to or someone that would go to me and say, it’s okay you can come do this with us. I guess I want to change the fact of people feeling like they’re alone,” said Bialy.

Bialy says he hopes the day will do just that. ‘Honoring Our Children Day’ takes place in Bethel Saturday (4/26) at the Cultural Center from 1 to 6pm.


A snowmachiner went through the ice in a slough below Napakiak last night. The young bird hunter was fine, but his snowmachine was stuck in 10 feet of water. Mark Leary from Bethel Search and Rescue says the slough where the rider was parked had water on both sides.
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