KYUK AM/FM/TV is seeking a full-time multi-media producer / director to produce and direct general audience programs, documentaries, multimedia projects and webcasts and provide multimedia instruction for high school and college students in a unique and remote region of Western Alaska. Successful candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in film/video/multimedia production, instructional media/media curriculum development,
communications or a related field or equivalent experience. Studio & field media production, non-linear editing, use of multimedia technologies, excellent writing and interviewing skills and computer proficiency required. Ability to live & work in a remote cross-cultural environment without road access required. Fluency in Yup’ik language a plus. Salary DOE. Bethel Broadcasting is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Submit your resume, references and demos to the general manager via email at mike@kyuk.org or by mail to MULTIMEDIA SEARCH, Bethel Broadcasting, Inc, Box 468, Bethel, AK 99559.

Closing Date; March 31, 2016

KYUK is looking for someone reliable, upbeat, communicative, organized, creative, and courteous, who can work independently, and with a team, and who understands the culture and values of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta, to plan, produce and host our daily radio programming on 640AM and 90.3FM.

The Programming Director/On-Air Host is responsible for all aspects of the on air sound of KYUK.

Applicants should be excited about providing and producing meaningful and entertaining content for the people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Job Duties:
– Oversee all radio programming including national, statewide and local shows and programs.
– Plan and produce KYUK programs including sports broadcasts, public affairs shows, and other specials.
– Supervise, train and lead on-air staff, interns and volunteers.
– Host/coordinate regular live events and programs.
– Serve as liaison with other organizations, businesses and governments.
– Manage KYUK’s music and content library.
– Play key role in on-air fundraising.
– Oversee daily station operations.
– Some evening, weekend and holiday work may be required.

Required skills include:
– Above average computer proficiency. Audio editing and IT skills are a plus.
– Good verbal and written language skills. Yup’ik proficiency is a plus.
– Working knowledge of social media (e.g. Facebook).
– Proven history of strong communication skills.
– Ability to work as part of a team.

Salary negotiable.

To apply send a submit with a resume, letter of interest and at least three references to shane@kyuk.org or drop off at KYUK. Applications can also be mailed to:
KYUK Attn: Shane Iverson
PO Box 468
Bethel, AK, 99559

For questions contact shane@kyuk.org or call 543-3131.

Open until filled.

Congratulations to Sharon Merritt of Goodnews Bay and Alicia Oscar of Bethel for being chosen by the Bethel Broadcasting Inc board of directors to each receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Sharon is a senior at the University of Alaska Anchorage majoring in Education.  Alicia is a sophomore at the University of Alaska Southeast also majoring in Education.

Each year the BBI board of direcctors awards two $1,000 scholarships to deserving college students from the YK Delta region.  The scholarships are awarded in memory of the late Alexie Isaac, a long time KYUK Yup’ik radio and television producer, translator and also an accomplished carver and artist.

Information on applying for the 2016 scholarship can be found elsewhere on the KYUK website.

Amount of Scholarship
Two $1,000/academic year

Annually for academic year.

Application Deadline: August 1st

Minimum Academic Requirements
Graduation from an accredited high school or successful completion of an accredited General Educational Development (GED) program and acceptance into a recognized post-secondary institution.

Scholarship Criteria
Candidate must be pursuing a degree or certified course of study and have completed at least one year of study in an accredited junior/community college, college, university or professional trade school. Graduate students are not eligible.

Candidates pursuing media studies, public relations, journalism, radio and/or television broadcasting, media technology and engineering or a related field such as marketing or business management as a major course of study are given priority. Applications from Candidates pursuing major studies in other fields, such as education, rural development and health care, may also be considered.

Candidates must be enrolled for a minimum of six credits per semester. Candidates must be residents of the KYUK-AM 640 service area. The location of their institution is immaterial. Candidates must demonstrate excellence in the following areas:
Academic Performance, Discipline, Attitude, and Attendance.

A copy of the most recent academic transcript must accompany the application.

Download Application

Application Information Sheet

Alexie Isaac’s broadcasting career at KYUK spanned almost three decades. During that time he directed news broadcasts and other programs from the KYUK television studio, videotaped countless hours of news footage, Yup’ik elders, Yup’ik dance performances and many other aspects of Yup’ik culture.

Alexie was an accomplished Yup’ik language translator and was often called upon to do translation work on KYUK radio programs including Yup’ik News and television productions. He worked on KYUK television programs, series and documentaries as photographer, editor, reporter, translator, producer and director.

Learn more about Alexie Isaac

Since 1971 KYUK has taken pride in connecting much of the Y/K Delta with our radio service, found now at 640 AM. Unfortunately, our signal is too weak to reach most Yukon and coastal villages. Over the decades we’ve looked at several ways to reach villages like Emmonak at the mouth of the Yukon, and Mekoryuk on Nunivak Island, but the cost and logistics have proven too steep to overcome. Now we’ve found a low cost way to broadcast to anywhere in the Y/K, but it will take a partnership that will involve tribes, corporations and schools.

We are proposing to work with local organizations to build a low power FM station in every village that wants one. The technical term used by the Federal Communications Commission to describe these stations is Class D FM.

Class D FM stations can be used to repeat a mother-station (like KYUK). There is also the capability of switching to local broadcasts from there in the village. Special events, conferences, basketball games, student speeches, music shows, elder interviews, and anything imaginable could be broadcast from the village. It is also possible to feed that village broadcast back to KYUK for regional airing throughout the entire Y/K Delta.

Nearly a dozen villages in the Northwest Arctic are currently receiving KOTZ out of Kotzebue, and several villages around Dillingham now listen to KDLG; this is all a result of Class D FM construction in those villages. Similar stations exist all over Alaska.

It will cost about $18,000 to build, ship and install the most basic Class D FM station. That would allow the station to serve only as a KYUK repeater. To build, ship and install a versatile station that could perform local and educational broadcasts would cost closer to $30,000.

There are several options but we are leaning towards a tie line. A tie line would allow us to send KYUK to your site as compressed audio. Then a device at your station would convert that into high quality audio and transmit that high quality sound over the air. A tie line would also allow for you to send your local broadcasts back to KYUK for regional broadcasting.

Power Costs: Less than $1,000. The transmitters plug right into a wall socket.
Bandwidth: Minimal. Compressed audio doesn’t require much bandwidth or money.
Maintenance: $0-$2000 annually. The equipment is durable but nothing lasts forever.

There are approximately 20 villages that could benefit from a stronger KYUK signal. We are asking schools, tribes, municipalities and corporations to work together to invest in the creation of their own village station. Such organizations should complete a KYUK Class D FM Application. Then KYUK will prioritize the applications based on the village’s need, strength of local partnerships, and ability to invest capital into the project.

We will select two villages for our pilot projects set to start in 2014. We will then work year by year and village by village until every community that wants a strong KYUK signal has one.

To accomplish this we will rally support from regional and state funders, and we’ll host community based fundraising events throughout the Y/K Delta.

Application: KYUK Unification Project
If you would like to apply for a Class D FM station in your village please fill out the application found at our website, kyuk.org.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, April 4, 2014

Radio Director, Shane Iverson is KYUK’s contact for this project. If you want to be included in the conversation email: shane@kyuk.org
Phone: (907) 543-0229
Website: kyuk.org

KYUK is embarking on a project to unify the entire Y/K Delta through our public radio station. While many villages receive uninterrupted reception of KYUK 640 AM, many others do not. Communities willing to build local partnerships aimed at improving their signal can become part of the Unification Project.

Application: KYUK Unification Project

The idea of the Unification Project is simple; we will work with your village to build low power FM stations that can repeat KYUK. Tribes, villages or schools could build their own mini-station into this repeater if they desire. These stations are inexpensive to build and cheap to operate, but KYUK can’t do it alone. From our pool of applicants we’ll select two pilot projects. Then we’ll continue to work over the coming years until every village has a strong KYUK signal.

For more detailed information about the KYUK Unification Project click here.

The deadline to apply is April 4, 2014.

KYUK-AM 640 in Bethel is seeking a full-time Yup’ik Reporter/On-Air Host. The reporter will work in the news department, writing and translating news and other programming, both live and pre-recorded. Computer proficiency preferred. 40 hours per week. $25/hr. Great benefits. Send a letter of interest, resume and work references to: YUP’IK SEARCH, KYUK-AM, PO Box 468, AK 99559 or angela@kyuk.org

Congratulations to Nicole Twitchell and Jason Smith the 2012 Alexie Isaac Memorial scholarship recipients.  Jason is from Bethel and is attending UAF majoring in Rural Development.  Nicole is from Kasigluk and is attending UAS majoring in Elementary Education.


The application deadline for the 2013 scholarship is Friday August 2,  2012.
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Congratulations to the Alexie Isaac Memorial Scholarship winners for the 2013-2014 academic year.   Tia Lupie of Tuntutuliak, Renee Avugiak of Chefornak and Cheri Alstrom of Bethel have each been awarded a $1,000 scholarship.

Lupie is attending Kuskokwim Campus-UAF in Bethel pursuing a double major in Yup’ik and Social Work.  Avugiak and Alstrom both attend the University of Alaska Fairbanks.  Avugiak is majoring in Elementary Education and Alstrom is seeking a degree in Alaska Native Studies.

For more information about applying for the 2014 scholarship, visit www.kyuk.org or call 907-543-0222.  The application deadline is Friday August 1, 2014.

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Volunteer at KYUK

by Shore on December 10, 2010

There are many opportunities available for folks who are interested in supporting the operations of KYUK. If you’re not the type to hop on-air for a live show, consider helping out behind the scenes. KYUK is currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

  • Host a Music Show- weekday evening & Saturday spots available
  • Talk Show & On-Air Host announcing- pitch us an idea for a show
  • Production support- PSA and promo development; maintenance of database
  • Radio operations support- loading and editing songs into automated database; basic board operations; computer systems maintenance
  • Audio/Visual Archive- data entry, cataloging, shelving, and labeling with instruction provided by KYUK staff
  • Housekeeping & Janitorial- help needed with various tasks
  • Engineering- only with previous experience and expertise

If you’d like to volunteer your skills, please contact Kristy at 543-0228 for more information or to obtain a volunteer application. A background check is required.