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141027 Prematernal Home Window

The window art at the new YKHC Prematernal Home in Bethel. Photo by Daysha Eaton

A facility that has lowered infant and mother morbidity rates in the Y-K Delta has a new home. Bethel’s Prematernal Home has moved to a new building along the Chief Eddie Hoffman Highway. The new Home is three times the size of the old one and has improved amenities for the region’s expectant mothers during the final stage of pregnancy.
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The Alaska State Troopers badge. Courtesy of AST

The Alaska State Troopers badge. Courtesy of AST

The Western Alaska Alcohol and Narcotics Team arrested a woman who was reportedly attempting to transport alcohol into the Lower Yukon village of Marshall.
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Gloria Simeon: owner of Yup’ik Way

Yup’ik Way of Bethel donated both of this afternoon’s “Hot” prizes.

The first is a jar of ‘Caiggluk Minguk'; used to soothe and treat dry or irritated skin, cuts, scratches, eczema, and many elders have reported that it helps with arthritis and other aches and pains.

The second prize is a jar of ‘Ikiituq Minguk'; used to relieve the pain and swelling associated with joint sprains & twists, and ikiitug also relieves lower-back and other deep muscle aches. This balm also works great for healing bruises and burns.

Click here to make your pledge now, or call 907.543.0234, to be eligible for this evening’s drawing.

MWSr Dog Team

Williams’ dog-team running in the 2013 Iditarod.

The first “Hot Drawing” winners for today were announced at noon.

Marie Lekander of Bethel won two free meals at the Mud Hut Restaurant located in Bethel, and- ironically-appropriate, Akiak musher Mike Williams Sr. won a bag of homemade natural dog treats that were donated by Bethel Friends of Canines.

KYUK will announce the winners of today’s second “Hot Drawing” immediately following the evening KYUK newscast.

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BFK9 logoToday’s “Hot Drawing” will be drawn at noon, and KYUK will be giving away two prizes: The first is  two (2) free meals to the Mud Hut Restaurant in Bethel, and the other is a package of homemade natural dog treats- courtesy of Bethel Friends of Canines.

Click here to make a pledge before 11:55am on Monday October 13th to be eligible for this drawing, and remember that a pledge of $25 or more will get your name entered into the Weekly and Grand Prize Drawings.

Thursday’s ‘Hot Drawing’ was one of the more popular thus far, probably due to the fact that a half-cord of wood was being given away.

Mary Sattler of Bethel won the firewood in Friday’s drawing, and was thankful to hear her name called as she was just about to head out the door to cut pallets as the announcement was made on KYUK.

Ana Hoffman of Bethel won the 10lb bag of organic produce donated by Meyer’s Farm.

KYUK was so enthused with the participation in Friday’s ‘Hot Drawing’ that it decided to include a ball cap- donated by Calista Corporation- in the drawing that was won by Betsy Taguchi.

2014 Village Showdown Underway

by Shore on October 9, 2014

The Kwethluk Kings will look to hold onto their title as the “Most Giving Village” from last year’s Village Showdown. Not only could they hold onto that Title-belt, but gain another in this year’s competition.

How the competition works:

Jevon Black of Kongigank sinks a 15 foot jump shot at the 26th Annual Coastal Conference Tournament. Photo by Shane Iverson.

Jevon Black of Kongigank sinks a 15 foot jump shot at the 26th Annual Coastal Conference Tournament. Photo by Shane Iverson.

The villages that contribute the most during the 2014 Fall Fundraiser will win LIVE broadcasts of their High School basketball teams this season.

There are 2 categories for this year’s contest, thus 2 chances to win:
1) Total Giving Category: The village that contributes the most in total giving
2) Per Person Giving Category: The village that contributes the most per person

**Pledges must be received by 9:00pm on Thursday October 16th to count toward a village’s total**

This afternoon’s Hot Drawing is going to help keep your belly full, or your wood-stove as hot as this drawing!

Meyer's Farm

Meyer’s Farm storefront in Bethel, Alaska.

Click here to make a pledge, or call 907.543.0234 to make your pledge. Pledges must be received today before 5pm to be eligible for these two wonderful prizes.


Firewood from Napaimute will be given away in Friday’s ‘Hot Drawing’

Quyana to Napaimute for contributing a half-cord of split and dry firewood, and Meyer’s Farm for donating a 10lb container of organic veggies.

Check out the 2014 Fall Fundraiser Thank You Gifts, and our upcoming prize-drawings.


doggie doughnutsMan’s best friend typically means an animal of the canine variety; however, on some level the argument could be made that man’s best friend may very well be the ever increasingly-ubiquitous smart-phone.

Tonight’s Hot Drawing has your dog, and your phone in mind as we have a prize for both!

You will be entered to win gourmet treats for your four-legged friend, or one of the nifty chargers that require no power to charge your phone.

Make a donation between 7pm and 8pm to be eligible to win.

Donate by clicking here, or call (907) 543-0234