Chums dominate Lower Kuskokwim opener

by Angela Denning-Barnes on July 17, 2013

Nearly 200 fishermen caught and sold salmon Tuesday in the Lower Kuskokwim River. It was the first commercial period on the river this season.

199 fishermen participated in Sub-district 1-B opener which ran for 6 hours from Bethel to about 15 miles below the Johnson River and 8 hours from there to the mouth.

Preliminary harvest information shows high numbers for Chums and Silvers but a low catch for Kings and Reds for this time of July.

Harvests included:
-133 Kings
-337 Sockeye or Red salmon
-24,805 Chum salmon
-1,894 Coho or Silver salmon

The fishery was targeting Chum salmon. Thousands more were harvested than the 5 to 15,000 fish that managers were predicting.

According to the Fish and Game office in Bethel, the catches for Kings and Reds are slightly below average and the catches for Chum and Coho were well above average.

Coastal Villages Seafoods was the only buyer. They did not buy Kings but paid a dollar a pound for all other species.

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