City builds bridge over utility pipes at Dull Lake

by Mark Arehart on December 8, 2011

Snowmachiners passing through Bethel often use a trail that crosses Dull Lake in the Center of town.  The new bridge on the trail entering Dull Lake For years, exposed city water and sewer pipes stretched across the trail at Dull Lake leading to the Chief Eddie Hoffman highway.

The only way for travelers to continue on the trail was a rough crossing up and over the pipes. Riders complained that the metal culvert crossing was not good for their snowmachines and that eventually the lines could become compromised.

This winter, the city built a wooden ramp over the pipes. Public Works Director Chuck Willart said it was time for the city to do something about the crossing. He commissioned three city departments to work on the project to make, “Ample room over the pipe.”

“Over the last two years it has settled and put pressure on that line,” Willart said. “It would have been a chore that we could alleviate by changing the crossing.”

The new bridge has a wooden top with dirt ramps on either end. The project was completed this month.

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