City of Bethel Tears Out Pavement on Ptarmigan Road

by Daysha Eaton on June 19, 2014

road workCrews began removing pavement on part of Ptarmigan road today (Wed) and laying down gravel.

Interim Public Works Director, Bill Arnold, says the pavement, which was put down around 7 years ago has deteriorated beyond repair.

“It was coming apart. I mean if you looked at it looked like a jigsaw puzzle – a lot of heaving. Underneath it was bad soil all the asphalt was separating.”

Arnold says the city does not own equipment to pave roads and would have had to hire a contractor, which they cannot afford. He says dust control measures are being taken.

“I know there is some concern about the dust an we are going to put calcium on it for dust control.”

The City of Bethel’s Streets & Roads Department will be doing the road work from Owl Park to the intersection of Ptarmigan and Akakeek Street.

Some areas will be temporarily closed, with detours, while others will be down to one lane. The road work is expected to finish late Thursday.

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