Coast Guard Assessing Pollution at Napakiak

by Daysha Eaton on August 8, 2014

Coast GuardMembers of the coastguard are in Napakiak to clean up pollution from an old fishing vessel. Petty Officer Patrick Brown gave an update on the cleanup after a town hall meeting on abandoned and derelict vessels at Bethel City Council Chambers Thursday night.

“There was a crane on deck. We went ahead and got rid of the hydraulic fluid there and some various other oily debris that was on deck and about the boat. Basically what we’re going to be doing into the future is amassing the resources that we need to go out there and effectively clean up the oil on that boat. Oil an hazardous materials that are there,” said Brown.

Brown says the coast guard is still assessing the amount of pollutants on the boat.

People can report pollution to the National Response Center: 1-800-424-8802.

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