Coastal Conference Basketball Schedule

by Shane Iverson on February 29, 2012

Stay tuned all week to KYUK, your home for Coastal Conference championship basketball.
Small School teams from the Lower Kuskokwim are meeting for a three day, winner take-all tournament. The top boys and girls team qualifies for the State tournament.

Thursday 3.1.12
10:30 AM Boys, Toksook vs. Napaskiak
2:00 PM Girls, Kasigluk-Akula vs. Newtok

Friday 3.2.12
3:45 PM Boys, Chefornak vs. Kasigluk-Akula
5:30 PM Girls, Kwigillingok vs. Toksook Bay
7:15 PM Boys, Napaskiak vs. Toksook Bay
9:00 PM Girls, Chefornak vs. Kasigluk-Akula

Saturday 3.3.12
6:15 PM Boys, Chefornak vs. Napaskiak
8:00 PM Girls, Kwigillingok vs. Chefornak

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