Commercial fishing scheduled for W – 5 & 4

by Sophie Evan on June 27, 2013

The Alaska department of Fish and Game have announced a commercial fishing opening in District 5, Goodnews Bay, for Saturday June 29th.

The Department of Fish and Game has announced a commercial fishing opening for Kuskokwim District 5, Goodnews Bay. The opening is scheduled to start on Saturday, June 29th, for twelve hours from 9 a-m until 9 p-m. Fish and Game says the open area for this period is reduced.

A temporary boundary line has been established from Big Beluga to the North side of the Bay to Little Beluga to the south. The boundary lines are marked by buoys. District 5 will be open from this line to the western boundary of District 5 on the outside of the North and South Spits. The outside boundary is marked by ADF & G markers on the beach.

Fish and Game says the open area of District 5 is reduced for Chinook conservation. ADF & G has determined that catches of Chinook are lower on the Platinum side, compared to the Goodnews Bay side. The reduced area is an attempt to target abundant sockeye salmon, while conserving Kings. Saturday’s catch will be assessed before scheduling another commercial fishing period.

Subsistence fishing in District 5 will be closed sixteen hours before, during and six hours after commercial fishing ends. Nets must be out of District 5 waters by 5 p-m, on Friday, June 28th. Subsistence fishing will reopen early Sunday morning at 3 a-m.

District 4, Quinhagak, will open to commercial fishing on Tuesday, July 2nd, for 12 hours from 9 a-m, to 9 p-m. Subsistence fisherman there need to have their nets out of the Qanirtuuq and Arolik rivers on Monday, July 1st by 5 p-m, until Wednesday, July 4th at 3 a-m.

Subsistence fisherman report their harvest of Chinook is nearly complete. The local fish buyer says they anticipate adequate processing ability. Fisherman are reminded that they may retain any portion of their fish for personal and subsistence use. Gear is restricted to six inch mesh nets and 50-fathoms.

For additional information, regarding Kuskokwim Districts 4 and 5, contact the Department of Fish and Game in Bethel at 543-2433, or toll free at 1-800-933-2433.

Again, commercial fishing is scheduled for District 5, Goodnews Bay on Saturday, and on Tuesday for District 4, Quinhagak.


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