Crash victims and the community seek a path forward

by Ben Matheson on December 5, 2013

The families of the plane crash victims may not know for months the exact reason the plane crashed in the tundra four miles from St. Mary’s. But the the community of Mountain village is still reeling from the crash and finding a way forward. City Manager Brenda Brown says the loss hit the community hard.

“Whether we’re related or not, we’re like one big family and when we lose someone, it hurts, and the whole village is impacted by it,” said Brown.

The crash took place the day after Thanksgiving. Brown says there ultimately is much to be thankful for.

“With a tragic event like this, what can you be thankful for? I can only say two things. You can be thankful for the ones that survived. Grace was upon them. For the ones that are gone and deceased, you can still be thankful that they lived their lives and you got to know them. You live life once, you walk this earth once. For them to be part of your life is a blessing,” said Brown.

There are two bank accounts set up to help victims and their families. The survivors are accepting donations at Wells Fargo under the account called Yukon Crash Victims.

The family of the two deceased from Mountain Village: Richard and Rose Polty have an account set up at Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. That account is in the care of Arainee Polty.

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