Customers suing GCI for poor cell and data performance

by Shane Iverson on April 24, 2014

GCI is facing a lawsuit filed by customers in Bethel and along the Kuskokwim. The suit alleges that the communications company has been ripping off customers in the Y/K Delta.

The complaint was filed in the Bethel Courthouse on Tuesday, April 22, by The Law Office of Jim Valcarce and the Law Office of David Henederson. Henederson says the allegations against GCI are over the poor quality of their data plans and cell phone service, despite advertising that both are fully functional.

There are four plaintiffs currently listed including Mary Pete, Robert Sundown, William Howell and Lynda Kvamme. They allege GCI has been advertising their 3G network in rural Alaska, and specifically the Yukon Kuskokwim Delta regardless of the fact that their smartphone and data plans were not supported by sufficient infrastructure.

The suit alleges GCI’s data almost never works and that dropped call rates are often between 50% and 100%.

Henderson says they are petitioning the court to make the suit into a class action suit that could affect thousands of customers in Y/K Delta

GCI spokes person David Morris says GCI has not yet been served so he had nothing to say about the suit. “We are sorry that certain individuals feel that we have not provided the service level they hoped for and will continue our efforts to improve service in Bethel and throughout the state,” says Morris. “GCI has brought service to under-served communities at a time other providers clearly have done nothing. We expect to announce 3G service in Bethel in the next couple of weeks, and in 10 surrounding villages over the summer. In addition, we have found a way to provide 3G and 4G service in 48 rural communities over the next three years.”

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