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by Sophie Evan on January 29, 2013

The Coastal Villages Region Fund, or C-V-R-F, has unveiled a new program worth a few million dollars. The People Propel Program is providing 40 boats, 100 outboards, and 200 fishing nets at bargain prices to their 20 member villages

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C-V-R-F’s 20-13 winter program for its 20 member villages is full of much needed fishing bonuses and various community assistance projects. From heating oil and elder assistance programs, to providing jobs. Spokesman Dawson Hoover says the people propel program is an extension from last year’s push for fisherman safety.

Cut 1 “the personal locator beacons, the eperbs, the immersion suits, life jackets, whistles, and a bunch of safety equipment for the fisherman, and we built on that, it’s kind of a loan program, people can purchase items at below retail, and a the interest is 3-percent, which is a good rate.” :25

Hoover says the C-V-R-F board authorized a million dollars in loans and has bought boats, outboards, and nets in bulk, in order to pass on the savings. A potential commercial fisherman could also borrow money to buy a Herring or Salmon fishing permit. Hoover says fisherman have already taken advantage of the program.
cut 2 “ we’ve already had over 200 applications submitted and, the deadline is this Thursday January 31st, and people will be notified by the end of February, if they’re approved or denied.” :13

Hoover says commercial Herring, Halibut and Salmon fisherman are required to put in at least a ten percent down payment in order to qualify for the low interest loan. The CVRF catalog is available online at CVRF’s website. Hoover says all the boats for sale were made in Alaska.

Cut 3 “it’s a pretty good deal, you’re taking about thousands of dollars in savings with the program here for safer more efficient equipment. :08

Hoover says the program will be available again next year as CVRF designed the program to be self-sustaining. Sophie Evan KYUK news.

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