December was warmer and wetter than normal

by Angela Denning-Barnes on January 7, 2014

Locals know it’s been a warmer than normal winter here in the Y-K Delta. There have been several days above freezing. The month of December saw above average temperatures and below normal snowfall. To put some numbers to that, the average temperature in December was nearly 15 degrees Fahrenheit, 14.9 degrees to be exact.

It reached a high of 48 degrees on December 6th, which was a record breaker. The coldest day was December 20th when it hit -11, but that cold didn’t last.

Precipitation was above normal in December. There were six days of recorded rain and one day of drizzle as well as 12 days of snow. However, with the warm ups and melting, there were nine days recorded when there was no snow on the ground.

According to the National Weather Service, here’s what happened: December saw a series of low pressure systems move into the Anchorage area from the Gulf of Alaska. In turn, it allowed a weak ridge of high pressure to extend over the Western Alaska Coast. By the end of the month, the pattern changed with the high pressure ridge giving way to a series of storm systems moving in from the west.

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