Digital broadcasting by KYUK -TV coming to Bethel airwaves

by Mike Martz on April 13, 2012

As the weather warms and the snow melts bringing a welcomed change to Bethel and the Delta we here at KYUK are hard at work on a major upgrade to our over the air television broadcast service.

Our chief engineer, Joe Seibert, is in the process of installing a new low power digital television transmitter for channel 15 to replace the analog transmitter we are currently using for over the air broadcast of public television programming from Alaska ONE.

This new digital transmitter will be capable of broadcasting four separate programming streams instead of the single programming stream we are currently able to broadcast.  These four program streams will include a statewide public television program schedule, ARCS programming, the 360 North Alaskan programming channel from KTOO-TV, Juneau and a local KYUK-TV program channel.

Our over the air television viewers in Bethel will notice a significant improvement in picture quality with these digital TV signals.  Another advantage is the inclusion of 360 North, a program now only available in Bethel through GCI cable subscription.  We also plan to broadcast local KYUK programs on the fourth channel as our resources allow, bringing back a local TV presence to Bethel once again.

In order to receive these digital signals viewers will need either a digital ready television set and an indoor antenna or, for older analog television sets, both a digital converter box and indoor antenna.   We have acquired a small stock of both antennas and converter boxes for viewers to purchase at cost in order to equip their television sets to receive the new digital signals.

Coming soon to our website will be instructions on connecting converter boxes and antennas including a short “how to” video program outlining the process.  We will also offer a “hands on” demonstration of the process in our studio for anyone interested in attending in person and we will be available for consultation and assistance by telephone and email.

If the installation and licensing goes according to schedule, we should begin broadcasting these over the air digital TV signals in about two months time.  At that time our analog channel 15 transmitter will be shut down.

We thank Donlin Gold for their generous donation to this project.

We here at KYUK are very excited about this new enhancement to our over the air television services and are looking forward to bringing digital television to public TV viewers in Bethel.

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