Drake resigns from running BCSF

by Angela Denning-Barnes on February 22, 2013

Bethel Community Services Foundation has announced the resignation of its founding executive director, Jerry Drake. He has worked in the position since 2001.

BCS Foundation holds funds to support donor intent and community organizations, such as YK Delta Lifesavers Fund and others. It has also helped facilitate the funding process for YKHC, YKCC, the City of Bethel, the Alaska Mental Health Trust and State of Alaska to fund the Sobering Center and the Community Service Van.

In a written statement, Board Chair Frank Neitz said that because of Jerry Drake, the Foundation is the “go to” place for funders that want to put their money into the region. Under Drake’s leadership, BCS Foundation has a portfolio of cash and land assets that includes 14 properties in Bethel, valued at close to $3.7 million dollars.

Drake is a 32-year Bethel resident married to Anna Drake. They have purchased a business in Washington State, where they intend to relocate later this spring.

Neitz says it will be hard to replace Drake but they have a succession plan in place and the board will be very thoughtful in the process.

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