Election results change with question and absentee ballots

by Angela Denning-Barnes on October 4, 2013

Bethel city council election results changed after absentee and question votes were counted by the canvas board. There are four vacancies on council and Leif Albertson bumped Byron Maczynski out of the fourth spot.

The four candidates with the most votes are:
Rick Robb
Heather Pike
Mark Springer
and Leif Albertson

There were 69 question and absentee ballots. The new results are as follows:

Rick Robb received the most votes at 343
Heather Pike took the second most at 309
Mark Springer received 302 votes
Leif Albertson brought in 275 votes
Byron Maczynski received 266 votes
Johnny Furlong took 173 votes
and Willy Keppel brought in 143 votes

These results won’t be official until the council approves it.

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