First king salmon caught on Kuskokwim River

by Angela Denning-Barnes on May 26, 2011

Elton Cleveland holds the first, and second, kuskokwim king salmon. Photo by Harold Cleveland Sr.

The first King salmon has been reported on the Kuskokwim River. A young man in Eek caught two Kings on Wednesday. Elton Cleveland, age 21, caught two Kings downriver of the village at the mouth of Eek Island.

His mother, Cindy Cleveland, said she and her husband were very happy that their son caught the first King of the season.

“After he set the net for half an hour, he said he caught one right away,” she said. “And then maybe half an hour later, he caught another one.”

One of the Kings was 33 inches long and weighed 35 pounds. The other King was 24 inches long and weighed in at 20 pounds.

Elton Cleveland was fishing in the late afternoon on Wednesday.

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